Adding Gemstones to Items in World of Warcraft

A common problem in New World is the inability to equip a particular gem with an item. A weapon with a chain elemental damage trait can’t be equipped with a gemstone with a different type of elemental harm. A gem with a primary non-elemental damage trait can be attached to such a weapon.

This problem can be solved if you use the correct technique to attach gems to items. The process is quite simple. Drag the gem that you wish to equip into the appropriate slot of your item. Make sure the gem is the same damage type as the weapon it’s attached to. You’ll end up replacing your gem with a new one, and ruining the original.

Adding a gem to an item will increase its damage and defense. In addition, gems can also be used to earn gold. However, because these gems are rare and require a bit of luck to refine, they can be difficult to obtain. They are also necessary for high-level tasks and faction missions.

The same process applies to gems that have different quality. If you have a gem that is higher quality than the item you want to equip it with, you’ll want to upgrade its quality by pressing A. This will add an additional effect to the skill, but it’s important to remember that the effect of this enhancement is rounded down.

Gemstones are a great option to upgrade your gear in New World. They can improve the attributes of your weapon or armor depending on their rarity and location. To make money, you can also sell gems at a trade post. The gems you obtain will also be useful in crafting good armor. Increasing your crafting level will allow you to obtain better quality items, but the best armor will do little to protect you against poor weapons.

Most gems are not suitable to your Life Staff. However, there are some gems that will work with it. The Amber gemstone is one of the best gems in the New World for the Life Staff, as it scales with Focus. It also scales with Nature damage, which is great for the Protection spec and the Beacon skill.

Adding a Gemstone to your Bow is a great way to boost its damage output. This gem will increase your attack damage and make it easier for you to avoid being buffed with CC. This gem also increases your stamina, but does not increase your damage.

Adding Gemstones to Items in World of Warcraft
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