Valorant Has a New Agent

Valorant is currently looking for a new agent. The game started with 12 agents, but by the end of Episode 3, it boasts 15 agents. This includes Nora, a new agent who has been making rounds on fan art websites. Although it is not clear if she will be a real agent, there are hints Riot is working on the character.

Fans are eagerly awaiting Nora’s appearance in the game, even though she is a fictional character. In concept art, she’s holding a Marshal sniper rifle, which hints at her mysterious abilities. The Valorant community would like to know her role.

Valorant currently has fifteen agents. Riot had however promised to release one new agent for each Act. However, the Breeze map was supposed to be the 16th. However, the new agent Nora isn’t a new character; she’s actually a concept art by Kai Chang. The artist shared his Nora artwork on ArtStation.

Agent Neon, the upcoming Agent Neon, is a mix of past agents and a new one. Her primary goal is to control an area. She is a blitzkrieg agent but can also play dueling parts. One of her voice lines is even referenced to Yoru’s ancestor from Icebox. It’s unclear if this ancestor is a Valorant, but it’s an interesting twist.

Riot Games confirmed that the new Agent was present just a few months after this update was released. The company also hinted that the new Agent might be an Initiator, but the name of the character is yet to be revealed officially. The character will be able use primitive forces.

In addition to the new Agent Nora, Riot Games also announced that it has added a new battle pass and skin packages. The new season also includes a new map called Icebox. This is a big deal, because the game is set to release Episode 4 in January 2022.

Another upcoming Agent is codenamed Mage, with a name similar to that of an Omen. Both agents have suppressive abilities, which suggests that they focus more on countering opponents than on attacking them. The new Agent is already in the beta stage, but her abilities may change as she plays.

Valorant Has a New Agent
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