All You Need To Know About Ruby Gemstone


As we know Ruby is known for being the birthstone for the July born, or the ones born under the cancer zodiac sign. Rubies have existed for centuries being a popular gemstone because of its powerful and likeable red colour and many more right reasons. Ruby is a precious gemstone is derived as a red variation for the corundum mineral. This mineral corundum is available in multiple colors like blue, black, yellow, green and colourless and they are all known as Sapphires. This is the simple reason why some people also like to call red rubies also as Red Sapphire. Gemstone jewelry often comprises of this precious stone and has earned a prestigious name in the market.

Rubies are not just valuable but the naturally occurring gemstone is extremely precious with a lot of significance especially the larger stones that are also quite are. Rubies are sometimes even more precious than diamond, on the basis of its size, the kind of red that it owns and finally its type. Though, all kinds of ruby is extremely valuable but the colour seems to be a significant factor while determining its cost. The deep red colour with a hue of blue, also referred to as Pigeon’s Blood Ruby or Burmese Ruby is the most sought after!

The pigeon’s blood ruby or this deep red ruby which is an exceptional kind of ruby is found in the Mogok valley of Burma. This is also why it is also referred to as Burmese Rubies. Though these gemstones are a nature’s marvel, and can’t be labelled to a price but only to give you an idea these rubies are valued at a few millions of dollars. To get a better idea you can buy gemstone online and see for yourself, the distinction, clarity and pricing!

Thailand, specifically Bangkok is a primary source of rubies. The Ruby Gemstones found on this region are usually dark, usually brownish-red in colour. These gemstones are found with a captivating clarity, which is the foremost characteristic in deciding a gemstone after colour especially in a ruby. One can also find ruby that comes along with inclusions but is far more valuable than a natural ruby with clarity or flawlessness only because of the colour that it produces is of the highest quality.

The eventual procedure of crafting synthetic rubies started in 1902 which is also known as the Verneuil process by scholar’s in the subject. There are no inclusions found in synthetic rubies, however, they are much less valued than a natural ruby gemstone that comes with many inclusions. One must be aware when purchasing gemstone online, because of the aforementioned reasons. You must only buy gemstones from trusted websites such as Being naturally occurring is the entire catch here, besides holding the spiritual power. Sometimes, these rubies are treated by craftsmen with heat or temperature to obtain a desired colour or to remove inclusions. This elevates the value of a naturally occurring ruby that’ untreated, with inclusions and of a great quality. Finding such a  gemstone, in itself is a worthwhile sign!

Moving ahead, from its physical factors let us understand the significance of rubies,

We all know that the colour red stands for ignited passion, power, fierceness, warmth and sometimes also for love. From ancient cultures till date, people have believed in the fact that ruby protects them against negative energy or evil of any kind. Red has also been a popular colour in Indian weddings or valentine, as it is also perceived as a witness to love and intense passion. Coming from ancient folklores and tales, rubies was also sworn by kings, political leaders and tribal heads (especially war tribes) to demonstrate their power d fierceness. It also aid them in courage, success and leadership. These intense properties and powerful attributes gave away Ruby its status of being called as the king of gemstones.

This red precious gemstone is said to symbolize the sun and thus can extend energy and vitality to the wearer. This gemstone being the colour of blood and even dominating the attribute is also responsible for a healthy circulation. Red ruby is also the magificient sensory stone, being associated with love it is frequently chosen as the wedding ring!

To our ancestors, Ruby represented integrity and seamless devotion. The Burmese rubies hold the most popular and pious position in todays time despite of several varieties of ruby because of its superior clarity, hint and saturation. This is a precious gemstone that is looked as a prized possessions for many over the centuries and civilizations. The ruby brings immense spiritual growth that is associated with balancing of emotion and adding courage and confidence. Recommended mostly for cancerians, this brings stability in their mood swings as well as can impart many health advantages. It is a spiritual gemstone with many unknown powers.

Apart from the ancient cultures, there are many modern and inspirational women adorning the precious gemstone as their gemstone jewelry and setting the trend. Many eminent and renowned ladies from Royal families & international figures have successfully displayed their love for Ruby on some of the most important days of their lives. Some of those people namely are, Her majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Elizabeth Taylor, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Marlene Dietrich, Jessica Simpson and many more.

In the study of gemstones, ruby ​​is considered to be the king without any arguments and is the gemstone of the sun. The gemstone is believed to pertain the attributes of the sun along with being the element to ward off any negative effects of the sun for those who have sun in a weaker position in their natal chart. Being in a dark pink or maroon aura and being considered as a very enigmatic and energetic gemstone. When worn by someone who has a weak positioning of the sun in their horoscope, it influences their personality by inflicting courage, confidence and success. However, before wearing this or any other gemstone, it is always recommended to speak to an affluent astrologer.

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All You Need To Know About Ruby Gemstone

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