7 Fascinating Reasons Why Women Adore Pearls

Adore Pearls

Pearls are one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces that ever lived in people’s hearts. For centuries, women especially have treasured this timeless piece and continue to do so as its quality continues to captivate them. 

No doubt, pearls are amazing natural gems which makes them a great choice for gifts. Apart from being quality fashion jewelry, they are considered one of the world’s rarest jewels. The reason behind there are not many oysters in the ocean’s waters and that is why these gems are amongst the rarest ones on the market.

You must be having them in your jewelry box right now, but there are still some things you may not know about them as to why you adore these gems so much. So, let’s talk about that.

1. Only Gem That Stems From Living Creature

As pearls are gemstones, they are different from sapphires, emeralds, rubies, etc, and also the fact that they come into life from oysters and mussels. A small piece of sand gets into the mussels shell and then a shiny substance known as nacre is produced around the object to protect the soft internal surface of the creature.

While mussels make freshwater pearls and oysters make saltwater pearls. Pearls are unique in nature and they are the only ones made by living organisms.

2. Pearls Come In Different Colors

Unlike gold, diamond, and other jewelry pieces, pearls don’t just come in white color. Instead, they come in pink, brown, yellow, red, black, and many others. But, the question is, how do they form different colors? Well, the hue mostly depends on the kind of mollusk that made that pearl and also the water in which the mollusk lived. So, it all depends upon the mollusk and its state of life.

3. They Are Cultivated On Pearl Farms

95% of the pearls that you see on the market are grown pearls which means that they are formed from mollusks. The science of farming pearls is known as puericulture. Also, it is very much possible to pull the pearl out without forsaking the mollusk. One mollusk can actually create a lot of pearls.

However, in today’s times, it is rare to come across pearls that are naturally formed by the mollusk. Natural pearls are usually compromised by water pollution, floods, and other natural calamities. So, as they are so little in quantity, the ones who have them are considered filthy rich people which is again a sign of prestige.

4. Another Name Of Luxury

The most popular pearl in the world is ‘La Peregrina’ which is also known as incomparable. It is a massive pear-shaped pearl that was first found in America. No wonder, it has been owned by many famous personalities, including, Mary Tudor of England, Elizabeth Taylor, and Napoleon Ill.

Besides, Princess Diana was also used to being a huge fan of pearls. Michelle Obama and Jackie Kennedy also adorned themselves with this luxurious piece of fashionable jewelry while their husbands were working in an office.

5. Cleopatra Won The Bet Due To Pearls

Many years ago, Cleopatra, the queen of Egypt had this strong urge to prove to Mark Anthony that she would host the most expensive dinner in history. She was known to have owned the biggest pearls which she used to wear as earrings.

She ordered her servants to bring the potent vinegar and dropped one of those pearls into the vinegar while she continued to drink. At that point in time, it was regarded as the world’s most expensive cocktail and that’s how she won the bet.

6. Pearls Come In Unique Shapes

Have you always believed that pearls are round and symmetrical? If so, it’s not correct. They come in different varieties of shapes, ranging from round, drop, off-round, baroque, and plenty more. Although, round shapes are the most popular and highly preferred as they are budget-friendly too as compared to other shapes. Rest, it depends upon the taste of buyers as well.

7. Different Pearl Types

Pearls come in four types. The first one, freshwater pearls; they are mostly grown in lakes and rivers across China. This is the most expensive type of pearl. While saltwater pearls are formed in Japanese and Chinese waters and come in spherical shapes with a gorgeous luster.

Also known as black pearls, Tahitian pearls are mostly grown in the islands of French Polynesia. South Sea pearls are the biggest of all and have white, golden, and cream hues. They are found in the Australian and Philippines oceans.


We are sure there is more to pearls than what meets the eye; they make your relationships stronger and bring a lot of luck, money, and love to your life. Isn’t it just way too valuable? Well, it is.

So, the next time you wear your favorite piece of pearl gem, keep these fascinating aspects in your mind too. Because a sense of gratitude for owning such an elite piece of gem makes you more beautiful inside and out.

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7 Fascinating Reasons Why Women Adore Pearls

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