7 Amazing Desk Booking Hacks You Definitely Need to Know

Desk Booking Hacks

The pandemic has completely changed the way we work, the where we work. With the introduction of hybrid workplaces, employees are dividing their working days between their homes and office. 

However, the introduction of hybrid work models has raised one essential question. What happens to the desks? Most offices are equipped with an equal number of desks and employees. So, an organization with 100 employees will usually have 100 desks. 

But with hybrid workplaces, not all employees come to the office every day. Studies reveal that even on the busiest days, they get only 60% of their total employees. This means that 40% of the desks are almost always empty. 

These empty and underutilized desks lead to wasted space. Desk usage seems to be a massive problem with most companies now. And desk management has become necessary.  

In this article, we will explore the 7 best hacks that make desk booking an effortless experience. 

What is Desk Booking?

In simpler words, desk booking provides opportunities to team members to reserve desks in the office ahead of time. It enables you to implement flexible and activity-based workplaces throughout your business. Implementing it in practice helps employees reserve a workspace as and when they need it. 

The desk booking system is ideal for hybrid work schedules. It uses concepts like hot desk booking, activity-based workplaces, free addressing desks, hoteling desks, and office neighborhoods to provide every employee with the required seating. 

It also improves employee experience and workspace utilization. In the age of hybrid setting, desk booking has undoubtedly become significant. 

What are the Benefits of Desk Booking?

Implementing desk booking makes it quicker to find and book desks. It saves employees time and effort by allowing them to book a desk in advance. With fewer in-house desk users, investing in a desk booking will save needless facility expenditures. 

It also promotes social distancing and empowers employees by giving them the flexibility to change their work schedules as necessary. It goes a long way in retaining them and improving the workplace experience. Apart from all these, desk booking enhances productivity and efficiency by allowing employees to achieve work-life balance.

7 Desk Booking Hacks You Need to Know

Desk booking helps you manage desks and makes the workplace more accessible for everyone. These 7 desk booking hacks will help you. 

1. Hot Desking is one of the easiest desk booking hacks  

Employees spend a lot of time in the office looking for a desk. This has lead to loss of productivity as well. And more so in a hybrid workplace, when employees showing unplanned can be a massive challenge. 

Hot desking, as a part of desk booking hacks, has garnered a lot of attention. A bunch of seats are kept aside for adhoc booking. So, any unplanned visits to the office can be managed with these seats. 

2. Real-time Desk Availability and Booking

With real-time availability of desks, employees can know and find their desired seats. Most desk booking software will show the available desks. The booked desks are made unavailable. It eliminates the need to look for a free desk. 

3. Easier resource scheduling

Desk booking also frees up resources in the office. There are usually many employees in the company to either work from site or home. Desk booking helps utilize these spaces and make the resources available for rescheduling.

4. Maximum Utilization of Office Space

Employees who would not usually use space are encouraged to do so with desk booking software. The workstation they desire is currently unavailable, but a comparable desk close is available.

Every alternative booking contributes to more effective use of available space and better staff accommodations. Desks aren’t just sitting there; a booking system gently suggests them to employees who would not otherwise seek them out.

5. Productivity Boost and Employee Empowerment

When every seat is reserved, and there is no other available space within sight, employees will spend a significant amount of time just to find a desk to sit and work. This not only causes frustration among the employees but also reduces their productivity. 

On the other hand, desk booking makes it easy to find the desk where they want and how they want. It also allows them to collaborate and work with employees from different roles.

6. Cost Saving

One of the most significant advantages of desk booking from a management standpoint is the possibility of cutting real estate expenditures. In addition, Desk booking allows you to accommodate more people with fewer designated workstations by increasing the ratio of employees to desks.

7. Social Distancing and Contact Tracing

If you are sharing a desk, it means you are also sharing germs. No employees would want to share any of it. With desk booking, employees can find and book desks that help them maintain social distance. There is a need for that now, and there will be a need for that in the future, too.

To Conclude

From cost to productivity, desk booking helps in every aspect of workspace utilization and management. It provides effective and flexible solutions for the people who need them. Every person faces a different challenge in the workspace, and desk booking offers a one-stop solution to all those challenges at the click of their hands.

Now that you know the importance and benefits of desk booking, let us offer you the solution. WorkInSync Desk Booking Solution offers you everything you need to ensure greater flexibility and increased productivity. It seamlessly fits into your current office culture and empowers employees with freedom of flexibility. You can opt for a free demo to learn more about the product.

7 Amazing Desk Booking Hacks You Definitely Need to Know

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