5 Amazing YouTube Marketing Ideas For 2022

Amazing YouTube Marketing Ideas

Youtube marketing is one of the more difficult things to learn on the platform. This is because people from a non-marketing background, come to create on youtube, however, aren’t able to showcase their talent to their potential. This is where we come to the rescue.

Today we are going to talk about the 5 most prestigious youtube marketing tactics that can help you improve on the platform. As you might have known the demand for good youtube creators is on the rise now. This is purely because the mere reason that people seem to trust YouTubers more than other types of celebrities. However, even with high-quality content a lot of YouTubers fail to gather this influence that other creators have for free.

Since there is such a demand for good creators on the field and there are some that are left out because of their experience in marketing, today we are going to discuss the top 5 youtube marketing tips, so without further ado, let’s jump right into it. 

Select A Niche-Based Channel Name

Since channel name is the first thing people will notice about your presence on the platform, it must be striking. Your title must be niche based. Meaning your title must be related to your niche. If you’re in the tech niche, then add something related to tech in your name. 

Since you can possibly develop a brand out of your youtube ventures, having a consistent name is great for branding. To begin with, you can research the already used names using online tools. The next step is to be creative and come up with a short yet relevant name for your niche.

The following step is to create a logo around that name and put it on every video of yours as a watermark on the side. When you’re done, you will notice an instant boost in the number of impressions you get on your content. This is because people now think that your content is professional and you know what you’re doing on the platform. 

Identify Your Target Audience And Their Preferences

If you dont know what your target audience is, then we’re going to take this from the very basic. The word is quite self-explanatory. “Target audience” means nothing but the part of the audience that you’re trying to target.

If there is a particular demographic that you’re looking to reach out to use your influence on the platform, then that is the target audience for you. However, the difficult part comes next. After identifying your target audience you need to look after their preferences and likes.

You can do this by simply using online tools, or even visiting a few of these profiles yourself. Also, you can look at this from another angle. You can take a look at the analytics and see where your audience is from. Then take a look at global analytics telling you what type of content is popular there. This is a great way to est5imate your audience’s likes and dislikes.

Conduct Competitors Analysis

Competition is heavy on youtube. This is because youtube is being considered a very lucrative option for people who can tell a story or captivate an audience. This is why conducting a competitor analysis is really important. 

If you won’t succeed on the platform, then being updated with what others in your niche are doing is really important. Apart from that conducting competitor analysis also helps you generate more content ideas. Also, if you’re looking for a more potential audience, then conducting competitor analysis can help. 

A few metrics to take note of when you’re doing the competitor’s analysis are subscriber count, Youtube view count, average view per video, average likes per video, video topic, and type of video promotion tools they use. If you keep a track of these metrics, then you will be able to replicate their success and avoid their failures.

Keep Upskilling

The next major marketing tip is not even a marketing tip. However, if you implement this in your content, then you’re bound to grow a ton on the platform. You need to follow top channels on youtube and keep upskilling your content. Upskilling is key,m in times like these. 

Since there can be people on the platform with more raw talent than you, you need to keep grinding yourself for the same. You can follow top channels that give out filmography advice as well as storytelling advice. 

Write Catchy Titles

The majority of the audience that you get on a video is because of the titles you use and the thumbnails you put up. This is because people watch the title of the video and the thumbnail before jumping onto the preview. Writing catchy titles can help you find the best audience. Also, if you use relevant keywords in your catchy titles, then you have a great chance of landing first in search results. 


 The above-mentioned five actionable marketing strategies will help you a lot in the youtube industry. This tips have been extracted from years of experience with the top influencers and hence we’re sure that these will definitely benefit you in the long run.

5 Amazing YouTube Marketing Ideas For 2022

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