6 Best Safari Spots In Dubai 

Best Safari Spots In Dubai 

It is a lovely experience for everyone to lie on the chilly beaches beneath a starry sky and watch the shimmering sand in the moonlight. Dubai Every year, millions of tourists from every continent flock to safari adventures. Numerous businesses in Dubai offer safari excursions with top-notch amenities that differ from operator to operator.

A desert safari is a fantastic chance to learn about the local way of life and engage in a variety of exciting and fun activities, such as hot air balloon rides, star-gazing, and quad biking across sand dunes. To replenish your adrenaline and calm your anxieties, check out these top safari locations in Dubai. Given below are top spots to experience safari: 


Massive red terracotta-colored dunes may be found in the Bidayer Desert, commonly known as the “Big Red,” making it the ideal location for safari expeditions, quad biking, and dune-bashing. Your need for adventure will be satiated by the Bidayer Desert, where you may enjoy the shifting sand tones.

If you rise before dawn, you will experience the coolest morning hours and a nice environment everywhere you go on safari. This will make your morning safari a captivating experience with energizing energy. You may fully experience the Bidayer desert’s natural splendor while watching the sunrise. 

Al Faya Desert

Al Faya Desert in Dubai is well-known for its enormous, sloping dunes, making it a popular destination for dune-bashing and desert safari. A 50-minute journey will take you to the desert, which is the ideal location for camping.

The vast dunes and infinite expanse of sand will delight you. To save memories, use the camera on your phone to capture the Al Faya Desert’s stunning splendor. Additionally, you can go hot air ballooning and engage in camel, quad, and sandboarding activities. 

Jebel Maleihah

The Fossil Rock, also known as Jebel Maleihah, offers a distinctive safari experience because it enables you to partake in a variety of pursuits, such as diving for marine fossils, camping out in tents designed after Bedouins, dining on Emirati cuisine, and taking in live music or belly dance.

Al Ain, Abu Dhabi’s verdant garden city, is just one and a half hours from the capital. Bring your spirit of adventure and get ready to immerse yourself in the rich history and breathtaking scenery at the one-of-a-kind Jebel Hafit Desert Park. 

Liwa Desert

Another ideal location in Dubai for your safari excursion is the Liwa Desert. With the highest and largest dunes in the UAE, it is one of the most highly recommended locations for dune bashing. Liwa Desert offers a unique opportunity to explore UAE desert culture in addition to hosting a number of festivals.

Remember that there are more than fifty villages there where you can get a taste of indigenous Emirati culture. Stay in the Bedouin-style tents, gaze at the innumerable stars, and spend the evenings lying on the cold desert. Enjoy a festive feast, complete with BBQs, to satiate your appetite. 

Rub Al Khali

A vast sand desert in the United Arab Emirates is called Rub al Khali, also referred to as the “Empty Quarter.” It covers 650,000 square kilometers and provides a number of locations for camping, safaris, dune bashing, sandboarding, and quad biking. We advise taking a camel ride or taking a jeep tour of the area.

Additionally, the location is ideal for midnight and early-morning desert safari excursions. Make memories by staying in elegantly constructed campgrounds, lounging under the stars on the coolest sand, and enjoying a belly dance performance. 

Al Lahbab Desert

50 kilometers separate the center of Dubai from the Al Lahbab Desert, making it the ideal location for your safari expedition and dune-bashing. There are many things to do and activities available in the desert, such as sandboarding, BBQ feasts, and camping in the Bedouin style.

So, for a desert safari in Dubai, the gorgeous sand of the Al Lahbab desert is the best option. Similar to how the dunes in this desert are reddish, you will have spellbinding experiences here that you will never forget. It is a great location to learn about Emirati culture.

Due to the variety of activities included in your excursion, a safari is a fantastic opportunity to enjoy the uniqueness of your trip while experiencing Dubai’s deserts. To maximize your time in the desert and take part in both traditional and contemporary activities, be careful to select a knowledgeable and respected safari operator. Although there are numerous safari locations in Dubai, none of them compare to those mentioned above.

6 Best Safari Spots In Dubai 

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