An Overview of Injection Molding

Injection Molding

Injection molding is an essential part of the manufacturing industry. It creates large volumes of industrial pieces made from plastic, glass, metal, food products and rubber. Its most common application is for producing plastic parts.

If you are curious about the injection mold industry, this article provides a brief overview. For injection mold design & manufacturing, contact a professional near you.

The most important part of the molding process is the mold. The design needs to be precise and durable for multiple uses. Usually, the mold is made from metal to withstand the extreme heat and pressures created during the injection process.

Molds can have several cavities within the injection chamber to create more complex parts or copies of the same part. In addition, the injection may be made from one material or multiple materials to create unique colors and textures. The simplest and cheapest mold will produce one solid part made from one material. However, thousands of possible combinations are available, limited only by creativity.

Benefits of Mass Production

The most valuable part of injection molding is its ability to mass-produce parts and quickly scale operations. The start-up costs are prohibitive to many businesses. Still, if you are a rapidly expanding company, you could probably benefit from hiring an injection molding company to produce your parts. As more and more parts are made, your cost per unit continues to decrease.

Compared to other manufacturing processes, injection molding produces relatively little waste. The material you use is injected into the mold with no excess materials. The only waste produced is due to operational error or technical limitations of your equipment.

In summary, injection molding is cost-effective for businesses that want to scale up their operations and manufacture multiple identical parts. Not every small business will benefit from large-scale operations, but you can also hire injection molding companies to produce single parts you need for your business.

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An Overview of Injection Molding

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