Anatoly Karpov net worth

Anatoly Karpov is a Russian chess grandmaster and former world champion. He was the official world champion from 1975 to 1985 when he was defeated by Garry Kasparov. How rich is Anatoly Karpov?

Professional chess player. Born on May 23, 1951 in Slatoust, Russia. Anatoly Karpov net worth is estimated at around 4.5 million euros. Karpov played five games against Kasparov for the title from 1984 to 1990 without ever defeating him in a game, and later became FIDE world champion again after Kasparov split from FIDE in 1993. Many consider Karpov to be one of the greatest players in history. He had a top Elo rating of 2,780, and his 102 total months at the top is the third longest ever, behind Magnus Carlsen and Garry Kasparov, since FIDE rankings began in 1970.

Full name: Anatoly Evgenyevich Karpov
Spouse: Natalia Bulanova
Children: Sophia Karpova, Anatoly Karpov
Anatoly Karpov size: 1.70 m
Nationality: Russian
His career began: 1967

What is Anatoly Karpov’s net worth?
Anatoly Karpov’s assets are currently € 4.5 million.

Anatoly Karpov Movies and TV Shows: Fool’s Mate, Closing Gambit, The Great Chess Movie.
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Anatoly Karpov net worth

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