Are the Colts on the Verge of Signing a QB?

Are the Colts on the verge of signing a qb? Here’s what you need to know. Are the Colts interested Sam Ehlinger or Jimmy Garoppolo? Will the Colts sign undrafted free agents to play backup quarterback? Or will they sign one of the aforementioned quarterbacks to be the starter? In this piece, I’ll break down the pros and cons of each player.

Sam Ehlinger

Sam George Ehlinger is an American football quarterback. He currently plays for the Indianapolis Colts of the National Football League. Since his rookie season in 2016, Ehlinger has been a star of the NFL’s green-and-gold teams. He is a former Heisman Trophy winner and the most prolific passer in the NFL’s history. He also leads the league in touchdown passes with a whopping 133.

The sixth-round rookie has a rich college football background. He starred at Texas and was a starter for most of his four years. He finished with 11,436 yards and 94 touchdowns while tossing only 27 interceptions. He also rushed for 1,903 yards and scored 33 touchdowns on the ground. Ehlinger, despite not having the strongest arm, is mobile and avoids costly mistakes.

The Indianapolis Colts currently need a backup quarterback. While their current quarterback, Andrew Luck, is prone to injuries, the team has opted to give the backup job to Sam Ehlinger. Ehlinger is an option, as the Colts’ offensive lines are still in flux. On Thursday night football, the Colts will take on the New York Jets. If Ehlinger can work with the offensive line, he may be able earn the starting job.

The Indianapolis Colts may consider trading for a veteran QB. However, Sam Ehlinger is the best backup option. The team’s top QB prospect, Jacob Eason, and sixth-round rookie Sam Ehlinger are expected to compete for the position. The Colts are currently searching for a veteran quarterback to take over the position for a long period.

Marcus Mariota

Although the Indianapolis Colts have many options for quarterbacks, there is still uncertainty about Marcus Mariota’s potential signing. The Colts have lost five quarterbacks in a row, and they already lost their first-round pick in 2020 in the Carson Wentz trade. Mariota is a dual-threat quarterback who can run and throw. He has a high completion rate and has a fairly accurate arm, which makes him an intriguing candidate to be the team’s starting quarterback.

Mariota’s performance is mixed despite his talent. His rookie season began with a sprained left MCL and a fractured fibula. He didn’t play again until Week 7, which was a short time and with very limited opportunities. He sustained a serious elbow injury last season that left him unable to feel his fingers. He has not been the same quarterback since the injury, and his status as a backup has become even more unclear.

The Colts desperately needed a quarterback to fill Wentz’s void. Mariota spent five seasons with the Titans, starting six games last year, but had limited opportunity to develop. After the trade of Carson Wentz from the Colts to the Washington Commanders, the Colts desperately needed a quarterback. They also received two third-round picks 2022. By drafting Mariota, the Colts have acquired a quarterback who could turn the franchise around in a hurry.

Brett Hundley

The Indianapolis Colts are reportedly in the market for a new quarterback, and they’re evaluating Brett Hundley. The UCLA product was a college career leader in total offense and a four-year starter. The Colts could use a new quarterback in the trenches. He’s the newest quarterback to join the NFL. This could be a great sign for the future of the Indianapolis Colts.

The Colts currently have two quarterbacks and Hundley has been promoted from practice squad to the active roster. This is because they are unable to make game-day calls from the practice squad. They have signed wide receiver Deon Jack to the 53-man roster, and Antwaun woods was released to make way for Hundley.

Although there are many options for the quarterback position, the Colts will likely keep Wentz as their starter for the foreseeable future. If so, the team will need to move on from Eason and Ehlinger, but that could take a few weeks. The Colts will likely make Hundley or Eason redundant if Wentz is injured. It is likely that neither of these players will be part of Indianapolis’ long term plans.

Although the Colts had initially listed Eason as their backup quarterback, the rookie will now split snaps with Hundley and Sam Ehlinger. While Eason and Wentz are expected to start against the Raiders, Hundley is more likely to be the starter should Carson Wentz be out or injured. It is rare for a team with more than one quarterback to have two on the active roster.

Jimmy Garoppolo

The Colts have reportedly made an offer to acquire Jimmy Garoppolo, a free-agent quarterback. Although the Colts are a long shot to sign Garoppolo, they’re a popular destination for trade candidates. Garoppolo would have been married to the 49ers if he had been traded. He would also have been moved out of the NFC East by a trade with the 49ers.

The Colts need to find a starting quarterback to replace Andrew Luck, who left the team last year. Jimmy Garoppolo could be a viable option in Indianapolis, but the Colts don’t have a first-round pick to draft a quarterback. Garoppolo is unlikely to be a rookie quarterback, but he could be close enough for the Super Bowl to be worth the risk.

The Colts offense boasts a strong offensive line and a run first offense led by Jonathan Taylor. While Garoppolo won’t be asked to throw for over 300 yards per game, he can be an effective game-manager for a young team. This is a win-win situation for both Garoppolo and Indianapolis.

The Colts could have swooped in on Jimmy Garoppolo, but they were hesitant to sign him due to his shoulder injury and lack of time in the offseason. The Falcons’ decision not to trade Ryan was unexpected and has blown the lid off the San Francisco QB situation. Garoppolo is expected to miss OTAs and minicamp.

Carson Wentz

Carson Wentz has been a topic of conversation this season. He is an American football quarterback for Washington Commanders of National Football League. He played college football for North Dakota State, where he won five NCAA FCS national championships. You might be wondering, “What’s so great about being a quarterback for the Colts?” Well, he’s a lot more than you’d think.

The Colts’ lack of a viable backup to Wentz’s struggles may make him a poor fit for Indianapolis. There are two other options for Indianapolis: second-year backup Sam Ehlinger, and a developmental prospect James Morgan. It appears that Indianapolis’ management saw Wentz, the quarterback, as a way to stabilize their franchise. However, Chris Ballard, the Colts’ general manager, has maintained that he has no regrets about the trade.

The problems with Wentz in Indianapolis were evident even before the start of the season. The quarterback’s inability to respond to hard coaching, as well as his reckless style of play were all factors in several close games. Ballard has publicly said that Wentz has no major leadership issues, but his issues could have cast doubt on his ability to be a leader on the field. His lack of confidence could have contributed towards the team’s disappointing season.

Wentz has been a great quarterback over the past two seasons. His stats have soared in both accuracy and touchdowns. However, he’s still prone to mistakes and has a hero complex. Wentz suffered a foot injury in 2021 and missed a lot of practice. After missing the season opener against the Seattle Seahawks, he threw for 3,561 yards with 27 touchdowns and seven interceptions. His numbers did not qualify him for the playoffs.

Russell Wilson

The Indianapolis Colts are preparing for the loss of Carson Wentz, their starting quarterback from 2016. As of right now, the Colts don’t have any other solid options if they want to change quarterbacks in 2022. Jim Irsay, Colts owner, is a huge fan of Russell Wilson. He has been circulating his name in trade rumors all season. Although Russell Wilson would be a great addition to Indianapolis, it’s not an easy task.

With more than 20 teams interested in signing Wilson, it’s a safe bet that the Colts would love to acquire the former Seattle Seahawks quarterback. Wilson has a clean image league-wide and is still one of the best quarterbacks in the league at age 33. In Indianapolis, a trade with Wilson could be a major franchise-altering move. It’s not clear if Indianapolis will be in a position to acquire Wilson. Although the Colts have enough cap room to absorb Wilson’s salary but not enough draft capital to make a deal, they aren’t in a position to do so.

The Colts would have had to give up their 2022 first round pick if the Seattle Seahawks did not trade for Wilson. The NFL prohibits teams from trading picks for more than three years, so the Colts can only trade their 2023 or 2024 first-rounds. Wilson will not be convinced to move to Indianapolis despite all the power Irsay has. And if they do end up landing Wilson, Irsay will be forced to settle for second-tier options.

Are the Colts on the Verge of Signing a QB?
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