How to Attract Boaters to Your Waterfront Restaurant

Waterfront Restaurant

Having a restaurant on the water makes for a beautiful view and usually means a great location. On summer days, when many are out enjoying life on their boats, how can you attract them to spend some cash at your restaurant? It comes down to making your restaurant easy to access and also offering amenities that boaters need.

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Boat Dock

For most, it is stressful to dock a boat. Many boaters will sail by a restaurant that has little space for slips. In order to make customers feel safe docking their boat, have slips that are wide and easily accessible. If boaters see a spot that is easy to slide into, they will take it, and then visit the restaurant it is in front of. If you are considering renovating your slips, contact a boat ramp contractor in Port Neches TX for options. If you do not have the budget to expand your dock, then consider purchasing some mooring buoys. These float in the water and give extra places for boats to tie up. However, if you install mooring buoys then you need a way to shuttle guests to the shore.


Boat owners want to hang out on their boat. Just because they are hungry, doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. Many popular boating restaurants offer shuttles from mooring buoys to the restaurant. Inflatable boats are a great option. Customers can tie up to a buoy off the shore and then call the restaurant for drinks and food. You can then either deliver it to them on your shuttle or pick up the customers and bring them to your restaurant. This allows guests to hang out on their boat and enjoy the water, but still have some services available to them.


Having a marine gas pump and an accessible water hose will bring boaters to your restaurant. Offering a restroom is even better. These are the things that boaters stop for. If you are hoping to attract charter boats, then you could also construct a small pavilion with a fish cleaning station.

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How to Attract Boaters to Your Waterfront Restaurant

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