Baker Mayfield Vs Mac Jones – How to Evaluate the Two Rookie Quarterbacks

This article will help you evaluate rookie quarterbacks Baker Mayfield or Mac Jones. First, we’ll discuss the stats and experience of each player, then compare their chances of success in the NFL. We’ll also look at the overall ratings for each player. Check out our detailed comparison between the two players if you are still skeptical.

Baker Mayfield’s low rating in comparison to mac jones

Everyone is asking themselves the question: How can Baker Mayfield get such a low rating against Mac Jones? It seems like it’s too easy to overrate a player based on one game. The reality is quite different. It’s difficult to draw a comparison between Mayfield or Mac Jones. Both players have similar profiles, and both have good upsides.

Mayfield made his only start against the Cleveland Browns and completed 11 of 21 passes for 7 yards. He also passed a touchdown to Austin Hooper and an interception. As far as his QB rating is concerned, that’s it. If he doesn’t throw at least 40 touchdowns or win the Super Bowl, it’s difficult to see him in the top 10 fantasy quarterback rankings. If we assume that Mayfield’s low rating is related to the lack of rushing potential, then it’s a good bet that he’ll be cut or traded by the Cleveland Browns.

Since training camp, Julio Jones has displayed resilience and bounce-back abilities. After a bad practice, he returned to the field. Jones has had some shaky plays this fall but the streak is short and Jones’ last two games were wins. Jones was able to handle being called “dirty” and grabbed Jones’ feet by Brian Burns despite his poor performance.

Jones is still a rookie quarterback but he has already shown great promise in the preseason. He was supposed to ease into the NFL behind Cam Newton, but his low rating reflects his negative traits, such as his lack of mobility. However, Mac Jones’ final season at Alabama was one of his best. He finished with a QBR 46.0, which is still well below his QBR average.

Baker Mayfield’s poor performance and the Browns were in their last gasp. He failed to connect with Odell Beckham Jr. and threw a 60-yard touchdown pass to Donovan Peoples-Jones. Meanwhile, Jones completed 19 of 23 passes for 198 yards and three touchdowns for a 142.1 passer rating. The Patriots scored touchdowns on each of their first three possessions, and the game ended after the Browns were unable to score.

Comparison of QBs’ experiences

Their experience is one of the most important differences in Mac Jones and Baker Mayfield. Jones threw for more than 4,000 yards his first two seasons at college. His career interception total was greater than Mayfield’s. But even with Jones’ extensive experience, the two quarterbacks have similar skills. For example, Mac Jones is a better run blocker and has more athleticism than Mayfield does. And Mayfield has a lot more offensive weapons.

While Jones has limited fantasy upside, his volume is a plus. Fantasy owners will need to get a lot more yards from non-mobile quarterbacks in order to have a great day. Mac Jones has only allowed more than 300 yards twice this season. In addition, he’s allowed only 18 touchdowns. Still, this is a risk. Other QBs are safer bets.

Mac Jones’ experience is vastly superior. The rookie quarterbacks who are the best in their classes rarely win. In fact, in 2018, six teams ran more plays than New England did. For the first time since 2009, he led the Patriots to the playoffs. Six teams will be able run more than New England in 2021. Jacoby Jones is a great choice if you are looking for a long-term starter. It’s important to note that Jones was also a game manager. It is hard to predict which player will start in the NFL: Mayfield or Jones.

The rookie quarterback of the Bills has been compared with Jones’ rookie year. Jones’ rookie season was marred with growing pains. Jones’ first season was not perfect, but he has a lot of experience. Jones’ limited experience makes him an attractive option for many NFL teams. A rookie with less experience won’t have the same opportunities to prove his worth. And Mac Jones is better than Jones, but not in every way.

Both quarterbacks have solid experience but Mayfield’s rookie season is the most important. The Patriots have the league’s best defense and team. They will win the championship with a better quarterback in the future. If Jones doesn’t play like a mid-career Tom Brady, they won’t be able to contend with the Patriots. That’s why Jones must play like a mid-career Tom Brady in order to make a dent in the quarterback hierarchy.

Comparison of their stats

It can be difficult to compare two players based upon their statistics. Both players score well, but their numbers do not match up. For instance, Ben Simmons averaged 9.9 points per game against the Atlanta Hawks, while Joel Embiid averaged 30 points per game. However, the latter was hurt by the organization’s remarks. The NBA franchise fined Ben Simmons heavily for his inactivity. Which player has better stats?

Chances of each player having a big impact on the game

This matchup raises some obvious questions. First, who can stop Baker Mayfield. If he keeps throwing for 218 yards per week, there is a chance he could beat the Patriots. J.C. Jackson, New England’s cornerback, is one of the most talented in the NFL with 11 takeaways. If he can do that, it’ll be the first time in franchise history that a Patriots player has thrown two interceptions in back-to-back games.

Jones must be rushed by the Browns’ pass rush quickly, and the secondary must continue its quality play. In addition, Donovan Peoples-Jones has finally returned to the offense. Last week, he caught two passes, including a 60-yard touchdown pass from Baker Mayfield. Peoples-Jones was absent from the offense for most the season.

Despite being only 26, Mayfield has shown some potential. After the Browns’ 0-16 season, Mayfield was the first overall pick in 2018 NFL Draft. Although his rookie campaign was not impressive, Mayfield finished 6-7 in 13 starts. He won six games and is on a fifth year option. Unlike Jameel Winston, Mayfield will have the chance to prove himself this time around.

The quarterbacks both have their advantages and weaknesses. Jones was a complete mess for the Patriots last month. If he plays better than Chandler Jones, he’ll be better than Jones. He’ll likely be the better quarterback, but the Patriots won’t draft him if Jones isn’t the best fit. Although it’s close, both could have a big impact on the outcome in the Baker Mayfield vs Mac Jones matchup.

It would be worth the effort to see the Browns’ quarterback play the game. Mayfield is on a roll and will be better than half of the league’s starters. Despite his recent struggles he has had a strong season. If the Browns don’t have a great quarterback, they’ll be vulnerable to a potential QB with a big upside.

Baker Mayfield Vs Mac Jones – How to Evaluate the Two Rookie Quarterbacks
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