Banneker Clock

The Benjamin Banneker Clock

Ben Banneker lived an extraordinary life. As one of America’s earliest almanac writers and an accurate predictor of solar eclipse, his name lives on in this special mantel clock known as The Banneker Clock.

Banneker was self-taught, dedicating most of his time to reading, learning and studying – particularly math and science – before crafting his own gears and astronomical instruments with the use of woodcutting.

Early Life and Education

Banneker was born in Baltimore County, Maryland, in November 1731 to Molly Welsh – daughter of a freed indentured servant from England who claimed a Gold Coast tribal chiefship – and Bannaka or Bankah who claimed to be from an African village tribe.

At 22 he built what is considered to be the first wooden clock ever produced in America – which kept precise time for decades – as well as making astronomical observations and publishing almanacs with his calculations. Additionally, he became known as an abolitionist who wrote letters advocating racial equality with Thomas Jefferson; unfortunately his house burned to the ground on the day of his funeral! He died tragically two years later.

Professional Career

Benjamin, an innovative designer who studied Printed Textiles and Surface Pattern Design at Leeds College of Art. Drawing upon the beauty of his surroundings and drawing on geometric lines, vivid colours, and bold patterns he incorporates them all within Bramwell Brown weather clocks for maximum impact.

Banneker had an expansive career that encompassed mathematics, astronomy and writing. Additionally, he was an adept woodworker – crafting many tools used in his workshop as well as the iconic wooden striking clock often known as “The Banneker Timepiece.”

As an accomplished craftsman, Benjamin has made it his life’s mission to share his skill with young people. In his daily role at Ahuja and Beachwood Medical Centers as well as four satellite imaging centers he oversees radiology, pain management and four imaging center departments – and credits his uncle with inspiring him to develop an interest in woodworking as a hobby.

Achievement and Honors

Banneker produced one of America’s earliest almanacs and clocks during his lifetime; conducted astronomical research, wrote letters to Thomas Jefferson concerning racial equality issues and was an early proponent of equal rights for all citizens regardless of race.

Benjamin first encountered a pocket watch while working on his farm in 1731 and was instantly fascinated with its inner workings. He dismantled it, drew diagrams, and mathematically calculated how all its gears worked together – which became an obsession of his.

Banneker made history when he created America’s first striking clock made of wood – it kept time and struck hours for 50 years before it was destroyed in a fire at his funeral.

Personal Life

Gardner’s stunning illustrations of life on farms in 1750s England vividly convey this time period while Banneker’s dedication to creating his clock are brought to life.

At 22, he rose to local renown when he constructed an innovative wooden clock, believed to be one of the first of its kind in America at that time. Drawing and carving each part to scale, his clock ran precisely for decades while studying astronomy he published an almanac with celestial events from 1792-1797; although slavery wasn’t abolished directly through him. His achievements provided inspiration to many abolitionists.

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Banneker Clock
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