Bathroom Maintenance And Cleaning Checklist

Bathroom Maintenance And Cleaning Checklist

When people try to learn about real estate, the focus is usually on the latest innovations, for instance, how Blockchain is changing the rental market or how property management software can make your business easier. However, sometimes we must go back to the basics. Landlords and renters should play their respective parts in keeping the property sanitary and well-maintained.  

This article explores the must-complete chores on any bathroom maintenance and cleaning checklist. So whether you’re a landlord or tenant, stick around to determine your responsibilities. 

Bathroom Cleaning Checklist For Tenants

  1. Clean The Shower

One of the first tasks on your list should be cleaning the shower. Over time, watermarks and dirt build up, ruining the luster of your in-shower screen and tiles. 

Ensure you wipe it down with a sponge and a bowl of warm soapy water. If you’re having difficulty getting rid of tough stains, you can use bleach or a mixture of vinegar and lime juice. You can also use this mix to descale your showerhead and remove any lingering grime. Please use gloves while working, as these chemicals can be harmful. Once you’re done, you’ll be happy with your shower’s restored gleam.

  1. Wash The Bathtub

Like your shower, you should wash the bathtub if you have one. It might be easier to spot dirt and grim in a bath because they’re typically white. Thus, you might want to make this a weekly chore. 

Use a soft sponge when cleaning so you don’t leave scratches behind as you work. Also, remember to clean around the drain where water tends to accumulate and dirt settles. Most marks should come off quickly, leaving your bath as good as new. 

  1. Wipe The Walls

Many occupants forget about the walls during a bathroom clean-up, which isn’t right. In most rental apartments, the bathroom is a small space, and the walls often take a lot of wear. Steam condescension, soap bubbles, and other liquids leave a mark.

You can take a damp cloth to these areas to restore the tiles’ luster. For stubborn stains, you could add a little detergent to the water. Wiping your walls will go a long way in making your bathroom look cleaner.

  1. Clean The Toilet And Sink

Of course, no bathroom checklist is complete without mentioning the toilet. As one of the dirtiest areas in the room, you must keep it clean and sanitary. 

Before you get started, ensure you disinfect with a strong toilet cleaner. Then, after a while, you can go in with your toilet brush, scrub, and flush. Also, remember to clean the toilet seat too.  

  1. Dispose Of The Trash

Finally, if you’re done cleaning, sanitizing, and polishing the toilet, you should dispose of the trash. Remove all empty shampoo, conditioner, and body wash bottles from the shower. You can also rummage through your medicine cabinet for empty pill bottles or expired drugs. It’s a good idea to have a dustbin in your bathroom for easy access. After cleaning up, you can dispose of the trash in the central receptacle.   

Bathroom Maintenance Checklist For Landlords

  1. Refinish The Cabinet 

Bathrooms often lack a lot of furniture, so the ones you have should make a statement. Cabinets contribute significantly to the aesthetics of your restroom, so you should consider upgrading their look. A fresh coat of paint and more modern hardware can transform your cabinetry. However, this is a task you can complete when there are no pressing maintenance needs. You can coordinate with a property manager if emergency maintenance is needed in your rental

  1. Fix the Toilet 

If your toilet is shaky, clogged, or unsuitable for other reasons, you should get it fixed. Although, if it’s an older model, you might consider replacing it entirely. Besides the fact they might look old and worn out, older models are generally less efficient. So instead, you can opt for a newer one that saves more water and is lower maintenance. 

  1. Get A New Shower Head

Like your toilet, you can also replace your shower head. In addition, low-flow options online and in hardware markets can help you conserve more water. Thus, that means paying significantly less for your utilities.  

  1. Replace The Flooring 

Bathrooms get wet quickly and are one of the most common places for accidents in the home. Thus, you should ensure you get the right flooring. It would be best if you considered water-resistant floors. As a result, carpet and laminate would be ill-suited. However, hardwood, vinyl, corkwood, or tiles would work perfectly. 


Landlords and tenants each have responsibilities when it comes to caring for one of the most intimate parts of the house, which is why it would be handy to have a bathroom maintenance and cleaning checklist so you don’t miss any necessary tasks.

For tenants, chores like cleaning the toilet, wiping the walls, and sanitizing the floors should be routine. The property owner should also make it a habit to make repairs on time, switch to water-efficient fixtures, and change the flooring as needed. 

If you’re having trouble agreeing to or coordinating these tasks, you can rely on an expert property management company to help. These professionals can make it easier for each party to understand their responsibilities or hire a cleaning crew if necessary. Thus, property managers can make your bathroom maintenance and cleaning smoother.  

Bathroom Maintenance And Cleaning Checklist

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