5 Important Things to Consider Before Moving to Maryland

Move to Maryland

Contrary to popular opinion, there’s more to Maryland than football and crab cakes.

For starters, Maryland likes calling itself “America in miniature.” There’s a good reason for it—despite its small size, Maryland has a lot of topographic variety. It’s home to Baltimore, the Appalachian Mountains, the Piedmont plateau, and the Chesapeake Bay.

Thinking of making a move to Maryland? Here are five other things you should know about this great state before your trip!

1. Varied Weather

Due to its location and topography, Maryland’s weather can vary wildly. The spring and fall, in particular, mean very different things in different regions. In these periods, the weather in areas between the mountains and flatlands can vary day to day.

The summers are more predictable, with temperatures averaging 72.7 degrees. In the dead of winter, though, temperatures in most areas often go below freezing. If you like experiencing all four seasons, consider relocation to Maryland!

2. Diverse Culture

When it comes to what you need to know about moving to Maryland, culture is a big factor. Well, you’ll be glad to know that your future neighbors are big on tolerance and political freedom. In fact, one of the state’s most enduring nicknames is “The Free State.”

How did this nickname come about? Well, one big reason for it was that Maryland was the first state to enact workers’ compensation laws. It’s also home to the King Williams School, the first “free” school in the United States.

3. Transportation Hub

The BWI Airport is one of the busiest airports in the region. It’s known for great customer service and offers convenient access to the entire Baltimore area. With such a bustling hub, the process of moving to Maryland is unlikely to be too stressful.

Other transport options include the Baltimore Metro and the Washington-Baltimore commuter rail. The Penn Station serves as the ground transportation hub for the region.

4. High Cost of Living

Maryland can get expensive, but not as much as nearby Washington, D.C. Plus, you can always get a good deal if you know where to look. For instance, you can find an affordable home in Gaithersburg on https://www.dmvhomehub.com/gaithersburg/.

Keep in mind that the economy in Maryland matches the relatively high cost of living. According to the Census Bureau, the median household income is $84,805. This is good for second in the country, just behind Washington, D.C.

5. Big Game Days

One of the main things to know before moving to Maryland is that they love football. That said, that doesn’t mean they neglect other sports. From lacrosse to horse racing, Maryland has a sport for every season.

When it comes to success, the Orioles lead the pack with three World Series titles. The Ravens won the Super Bowl twice in the past two decades. As for lacrosse, it’s still the official team sport of Maryland, as evidenced by the National Hall of Fame in Sparks.

More on Making a Move to Maryland

Cost of living aside, Maryland is a wonderful place to live. It’s a particularly good fit for nature lovers, sports fans, and yes, crab cake enthusiasts. Whether you’re visiting or planning to move to Maryland, the trip will be worth your time.

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5 Important Things to Consider Before Moving to Maryland

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