Does Being An Introvert Make It Harder To Get a Job


If you’re currently out of work, finding a job can often be a challenge. There is always a lot of competition out there with numerous people vying for the one position vacant. If you happen to be an introvert, this personality trait can present even more challenges; particularly if you’re heavily introverted.

In a way, those with an introverted personality can find it more difficult to land a job than an extrovert who can talk the talk and come across as being extremely confident and self-assured. Extroverts often find it easy to exude friendliness towards people they don’t know too.

Having said all that, finding a job as an introvert doesn’t have to be super challenging. It depends on how you approach your job hunting and the manner in which you present yourself and your relevant skills, whether it will prove extra challenging or not.

Some Job Hunting Challenges Faced By Introverts and Overcoming Those Challenges

One of the greatest hurdles for introverts when trying to land a job is coming across as confident and talkative during a job interview. While an extrovert can walk into an interview and chat away like they’ve known the interviewer for years, that’s not so easy for introverts.

Keep in mind that not all employers are looking to hire extroverts. So long as you go to the job interview well prepared, armed with your resume and documents and answers to potential questions, you should do fine. The trick is to come across as confident about yourself and the role you’re applying for. Also, do some research on the company beforehand. Knowing a little about the place you want to work will always impress employers.

Some introverts are shy when it comes to making phone calls. Once again, being as prepared as you can be before making the call always makes it a lot easier. If you know what you’re going to say before you dial, chances are you’ll talk confidently once the call is answered.

Another situation many introverts can struggle with is when they are employed and have to deal with the general public, such as in a customer-centric role. In this scenario, confidence often comes with practice. If a person knows their job well and they get used to dealing with customers, being introverted usually becomes way less of a problem.

Sometimes, being an introvert can work in your favor. In a sales role, for example, an extroverted personality may come on too strong and seem too “salesy”. This can be a turn-off for some customers as they feel like they’re being sold to. But if you’re an introvert and you know your product, your sales pitch will generally come across as more matter-of-fact, genuine and believable. Sales are mostly about trust. You could be selling the world’s greatest product, but if the customer doesn’t like you or doesn’t trust you, they usually won’t buy it.

What Are Some Good Jobs for Introverts?

Let’s now take a look at some good jobs for introverts.

As introverts don’t tend to chase praise as much as a typical extrovert does, introverts are more often self-driven workers. Attention to detail is also another trait that many introverts possess.

Introverts often excel and feel most comfortable with job positions that entail a degree of creativity. This could be something like graphic design, game design, photography, content writing, video production, sketching, designing and maintaining websites, social media posting and marketing, and more.

Many introverts target careers in IT and technology. These roles play into that attention to detail character trait mentioned before. You’ll likely work as part of a team, but much of your role will typically be autonomous to a degree, where you’re just doing your own thing within the team.

Money and finance is another sector in the employment market that attracts many introverted people. Crunching numbers and working out facts and figures, budgeting, financial planning, doing taxes, and the like all appeal to the introvert’s meticulous and conscientious nature.

The Wrap

Being an introvert doesn’t mean you can’t find the job you really want. Often, it’s more about being extra prepared so you feel confident at job interviews, making calls, and so on. Finding a job that suits your personality is also important.

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Does Being An Introvert Make It Harder To Get a Job

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