The 3 Best AWeber Alternatives for 2021: Your CRM Software Guide

AWeber Alternatives

Before you start looking for alternatives to AWeber, you would need to understand what AWeber is and why your business needs a platform like this. AWeber is a CRM and marketing automation platform that also organizes your sales pipeline in the most effective and automated manner.

This is something that all kinds of businesses would need in this day and age. One of the main reasons to look for an AWeber alternative would be to increase your footprint online. Also, as a business owner, whether you own a small business or a big one, or even a growing mid-sized one, you would always want to make the most of all your resources to maximize output. These are only a few reasons to turn to one of the AWeber competitors. Here are some more:

Cut Out The Monotonous: 

This is something that can truly suck all your energy dry and stand in the way of creating a goal chasing dream team for your business.

Whether you have to send out emails to lists of contacts or even maintain the databases of those contacts and then file them under the right campaigns for the right products and projects – you will find that majority of your time in running a business is spent doing these tasks that can tire you out.

You need these tasks to be done, but not at the cost of the hours that could have been spent doing core engagement to make conversions. This is where CRM and automation with AWeber alternatives come into the picture.

You can easily remove all these monotonous tasks since they will be taken care of by the framework that you create where information is matched with the right function in keeping with your business requirements.

Create A Presence:

n the digital world, there are opportunities galore. But because these opportunities come at a low cost and they are there for everyone and anyone to tap into, what also happens is that there is much competition when it comes to reaching the right audience within a certain segment.

We have to agree that it has become easier than ever to start a digital brand and then to make its presence felt online.

Well, with the help of data-driven tactics that are used by the CRM and marketing automation platforms, you will be able to read the exact bottom line of how your customer is behaving online. This can be used to then articulate campaigns that would present your products and services in their words.

There is instant brand recall that can happen here for ease of conversions which is why you also need one of the many AWeber competitors.

Know Your Audience: 

Many businesses and their teams suffer from one common problem. When they want to sell something, they only talk about the product or the service in question. Yet, what is required is for you to talk about the solution behind the specific problem that the customer or the prospective customer may be facing.

When a person sees a sales pitch on their social media feed, the instant reaction is scrolled past. Yet, when they see something where their problem has been articulated with the promise of a solution, they stop and give it a click. This is how you need to get to know your audience and then give them something that would truly add value to their lives.

To do this, you would have to spend hours upon hours sifting through big data to find the right nuggets of information which would then have to be turned into campaigns. Well, it does not have to be that way if you are smart enough to go with a good alternative to AWeber that would give you data-driven campaigns with a full understanding of your core audience.

Marketing Funnel To Sales Pipeline: 

Now, this is a journey that makes many business owners and their teams shiver! In case you are a marketer, you would know that there are many challenges when it comes to ensuring that you get the right prospects and not just any prospects into the marketing funnel.

This means that the marketing metrics and the data-driven campaigns have to be designed in a way that the worthy prospects who would be worth the time you spend during engagement should drop through the funnel.

Then, this has to be well connected with the sales pipeline so that there is a sure-shot conversion waiting at the end of a seemingly long tunnel of activities. With the right CRM platform like AWeber competitors, you can shorten this journey and make it more efficient by creating the right touchpoint with the right tasks and team members backed by the right information for faster movement towards conversions.

Now that we have understood why we need a good AWeber alternative in terms of the right CRM and marketing automation system or platform for your business, it is time to cast a glance at the various alternatives to AWeber out there:

EngageBay: This is a platform to reckon with. Not only does the basic plan start at free for 1000 contacts, but you also get wider than a wide range of features that cover email, social media and so many other channels with presence building, lead generation, lead scoring, and several other activities.

Nimble CRM: Nimble is a feature-rich CRM system but it is not affordable for many small and growing businesses that need to make a dent out there.

Freshworks: Formerly known as Freshsales, this platform is a good alternative to AWeber, yet it does not have too many features and it is a tad bit expensive compared to other platforms.

You can easily see that EngageBay CRM would be one of the AWeber competitors since it offers many features at an affordable cost.

The 3 Best AWeber Alternatives for 2021: Your CRM Software Guide

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