How Much CBD Oil Is Enough for Cats?


Whether you have just gotten a cat, or you have had this animal for a while, one thing is for sure. You are constantly concerned about its wellbeing and you are always ready to learn more and get more info about how to properly take care of it and ensure that it is both happy and healthy. Taking care of your pet consists of providing it with the perfect place to live in, giving it love and, of course, making sure that it is properly fed and that it’s getting all the right nutrients.

Speaking of getting the right nutrients, introducing certain supplements to your feline’s diet might sometimes be necessary. One of the supplements that has become pretty popular these days and that people are practically crazy about is called CBD oil. I have no doubts in my mind that you are already familiar with this product at least to a certain extent and that you are seriously thinking about starting to administer it to your cat.

Chances are that you have already ordered this product and that you are actually waiting for it to arrive so that your cat can enjoy it. If that’s the case, then I only have one question. What brings you here? Well, I’ve posed the question and I’ll also give the answer since I am pretty certain that I know it already. You have decided to give CBD oil to your feline, but you are probably not sure about how much you should actually administer, meaning that you are here to check that and learn how to determine the dosage.

The fact that you have decided to get informed about this instead of randomly administering the supplement shows that you are a responsible owner. The best part is, you’ve undeniably come to the perfect place since I’ll help you learn exactly how much CBD oil you should give to your cats. So, get comfortable and read the things below, because those will certainly help you administer the right dosage.

Check Charts & Guides

The good thing about CBD oil supplements is that they usually come with a chart or a guide about how to dose them correctly. Now, this doesn’t mean that you’ll receive a physical guide with the product you have ordered. It simply means that the supplier you’ve ordered your product from might have some information about this on their website. So, if you are, say, planning to get the Holistapet CBD oil for cats, it would be a good idea to take a look if they have any guidelines regarding the dosages. The same goes for any other supplier that you might choose.

It is important, though, to understand that different suppliers sell at least slightly different CBD oils, meaning that the Holistapet’s guidelines might not work for a product bought at some other shop. This is why you should always get your information from the very supplier that is selling you their products. That way, you will get the most accurate data and manage to decide precisely how much CBD oil should be enough for your cat.


How To Determine Dosage Without Charts

If you aren’t able to find any charts or guidelines on particular websites, that shouldn’t discourage you. The truth is that everyone is perfectly capable of determining the correct dosage all on their own, just as long as they get adequately informed about how to do this. So, if you are interested on how to determine this dosage without the help of any guidelines and charts, let me tell you how that’s done.

Basically, the correct dosage depends on several significant factors, meaning that you should keep those factors in mind when trying to determine how much CBD oil is enough for your cat. If you don’t know which factors I am talking about, don’t worry. I wouldn’t mention them without actually listing them, so you’ll find that list below and you will, thus, learn how to determine this dosage all on your own.

If you are still not sure why CBD oil is so effective with animals, then you should learn more about their ECS: 

1. Weight

The first factor that you should always keep in mind is the actual weight of your pet. The bigger the pet, the more Cannabidiol will be necessary in order for it to work. This should be perfectly logical for everyone, since this factor is significant when determining the dosage of any supplements and medicines for humans as well. So, keep the weight of your feline in mind, in order not to make the mistake of giving it either too little or too much of this product.

2. Cannabidiol Concentration

CBD oil is made from Cannabidiol and that substance is, unsurprisingly, the main ingredient of this supplement. It also plays a crucial role in how strong the product will actually be. If you use your logic, you’ll realize that the more Cannabidiol contained inside a specific CBD oil supplement, the stronger that supplement will be. The strength is an important aspect to consider when determining the dosage.

3. Reason For Giving CBD Oil

In addition to the two factors mentioned above, you should take another one into account as well. Basically, you should think about what it is that you are trying to achieve, or treat, with CBD oil. Certain conditions require higher dosages, while a lower amount of this supplement is enough to help with some other issues. Your logic will help you determine this as well.

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How Much CBD Oil Is Enough for Cats?

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