Best Cities in Colorado: A Complete Guide

best cities in colorado

Did you know that Colorado attracts around 87 million tourists each year?

Whether you’re planning a trip or you want to know the best cities to live in Colorado, you have plenty of awesome choices.

Do you need some help narrowing down your options? Keep reading to learn about 5 of the best cities in Colorado for travelers and homeowners alike.

1. Denver

No list of great Colorado cities would be complete without the state capitol at the top. Denver is the biggest city there, which means you can enjoy all of the usual benefits of a bustling city while still being nestled within beautiful nature. From outdoor enthusiasts to shopping lovers and foodies, there’s something in Denver for every interest.

While you’re in this city, make sure you plan on checking out the booming brewery scene, explore one of its fabulous museums, attend a sports game, and climb the Rockies.

2. Boulder

Boulder is often referred to as a college town because it’s where you’ll find the University of Colorado. This means that it’s lively and always finding new ways to entertain. Whether you want to go on a craft beer tour, take in the beauty of Eldorado Canyon State Park, or shop at the famous Pearl Street Mall, each moment you’re there is guaranteed to be magical.

3. Castle Rock

Castle Rock is one of the best places to live in Colorado for retirees and college-age people alike. This city is on the smaller side, which means the pace is a bit slower and the people are quite friendly. Castle Rock is home to astonishing scenery, quaint shops, gorgeous hiking and biking trails, and plenty of comforting conveniences.

4. Aurora

Aurora is one of the best cities in Colorado for families because the neighborhoods are safe and there’s plenty of entertainment for all ages. Whether you’re interested in athletics or art, Aurora is a city that nurtures culture and diversity. If you want the taste of Denver without the large crowds, then you can’t go wrong with this unique city.

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5. Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs is a phenomenal place to settle down because you can reap all the benefits of city life while also enjoying the low cost of living. Even though Colorado Springs is the second most populated city in Colorado, the area still has a small-town vibe. One fun fact is that Colorado Springs is the city that inspired Katharine Lee Bates to write the patriotic song “America the Beautiful.”

These Are the Best Cities in Colorado

Now that you know the best cities in Colorado, you can plan your next trip or move with ease. No matter where you go, you’re guaranteed to be blown away by the beauty and fun.

Did you enjoy this guide on the best cities in Colorado to visit or live in? If so, make sure you check out the rest of our site so you can have access to more helpful travel and real estate tips.

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Best Cities in Colorado: A Complete Guide

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