The 4 Best Cutting Board Materials—Ranked!

best cutting board material

The humble cutting board is one of the most used items in our kitchen.

However, they come in so many shapes, materials, and forms. How are you supposed to know what the best cutting board material for your kitchen is?

In this guide, we will rank the four best cutting board materials and look at what is the best material to buy for your kitchen.

Read on and find out which board is best for you.

Fourth Place: Plastic

Durable and cheap, plastic is a great place to start when looking for the best material for a cutting board.

They are lightweight, which makes them maneuverable, but they tend to be slippery when wet. Best to place a damp dishtowel beneath them when cutting to avoid any potential injury.

Plastic boards will last a long time but do become warped and often deeply scarred over long-term use. As such, they become a breeding ground for germs and need to be replaced.

Third Place: Rubber

Rubber is tough and is found in most restaurant kitchens due to its longevity. It can withstand many turns around the dishwasher without any loss of shape.

Rubber is often more expensive and heavier than a plastic option and nowhere near as attractive as a solid wooden board in your kitchen.

Second Place: Bamboo

Bamboo is the best type of cutting board material if you are looking for an environmental option. They are made from hard grass that has the appearance of wood and requires no processing to grow or for harvesting.

The negatives of bamboo are that it can be quite a hard material on your knives, blunting them more regularly. Also, tiny nicks that appear on the board may catch and slow the flow of your chopping.

First Place: Wood

Wood is the grandaddy of cutting boars and still reigns supreme at the top of the list of what is the best cutting board material.

A tough, durable material, it also comes from a renewable source. However, wood is a little less renewable than bamboo overall. Softwood boards will keep your knives in good shape for longer too.

If you maintain your wooden board and treat it well, it will look spectacular and resist scarring and cracking for much longer than plastic.

Best of all, due to its beauty, you can use wood to make solid countertops that act like cutting boards like these Forever Joint Tops. Making your kitchen more stylish and practical.

Glass And Marble

These two cutting board material options are just a special mention. Glass and marble cutting boards are meant for display only. As a cutting material, they are too slick and can result in some nasty injuries!

Wood Remains the Best Cutting Board Material

So overall well maintained wood remains the best cutting board material. Renewable and durable its beauty and practicality can not be beaten.

Ensure that you get the right board for your kitchen, whether it be a beautiful wooden countertop or a renewable bamboo board.

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The 4 Best Cutting Board Materials—Ranked!

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