How to Deep Clean a House: A Complete Guide

how to deep clean a house

Everyone dreams of having a clean house, but not everyone knows how to keep a home clean. A clean home is a key to remaining healthy and having a decluttered mind.

When it comes to cleaning a house, there are several steps you should take. This article will go through how to deep clean a house effectively.

Declutter Before You Start Cleaning

Before you clean, you need to declutter. Go through the room you are in, and get rid of anything there that does not belong. This can be hair accessories that have been misplaced, jackets thrown over the couch, and more.

Clearing the clutter will make it easier for you to see your room’s surfaces and begin the cleaning process. Having a decluttered space will also give you an emotional boost. It will prevent you from feeling frustrated at the mess when you go about cleaning.

You can simply move everything to another room while you clean a specific area, and organize them later.

Clean Your Kitchen

There are different focus points as you clean different areas of your house. These are some important areas when you are cleaning the kitchen.

The Kitchen Sink

If your sink is stainless steel, you can use bicarbonate soda and apply a layer to the sink. After a while, you can scrub it out and wash the surface.

On the other hand, if you have a ceramic sink, use warm water and a cleaning solution (you can use one that contains bleach). After spraying and leaving for several minutes, rinse and scrub using a sponge.

The Dishwasher

Remove the dishwasher’s filter and soak it in water and soap. Then, you can use a toothbrush to scrub it.

You can use bicarbonate soda or vinegar in the empty dishwasher, and get it to clean a full cycle.

The Stovetops

Your stovetops are some of the dirtiest areas in your kitchen. The way you clean them will depend on whether they are an electric stovetop or a gas stovetop.

When cleaning the electric stovetop, remove the hotplates then scrub them with a cleaning solution. When it comes to a gas stovetop, first remove the gas rings. Use water and detergent, then rub with a cloth until the rings are clean.

Clean Your Bathroom

The bathroom may be the most challenging area for you to clean, but it is essential for how to deep clean a home well. These are some ways you can deep clean your bathroom thoroughly.

The first thing to do is to vacuum all through the bathroom. This includes your shower floor, your cabinets, and more. Every area where dust has settled will need thorough vacuuming.

Once you have done this, wipe down the various surfaces with a disinfecting wipe. An alternative is to use a disinfectant spray, degrease spray, or to use vinegar. Even areas that you wouldn’t usually clean – such as your cabinets – wiping them down will be important to the overall cleanliness of your bathroom.

Then, take some time to deep clean your shower. Use an old toothbrush to go through the grout, and use cleaning solutions to get rid of any mold or mildew. You can use a sponge to thoroughly scrub the walls and the shower floor.

When it comes to the shower glass or mirror, use a window cleaning solution and a squeegee.

You will also need to clean your toilet. Use a toilet cleaner in the bowl. Then, scrub thoroughly with a toilet brush.

Leave the cleaner in place for around 10 minutes before flushing. This way, the solution will have time to thoroughly work in the toilet bowl.

Afterward, make sure to wipe down the toilet seat and lid. You can do this using a disinfectant spray or a mixture of water and vinegar.

Clean Your Bedroom

Next, you will need to clean your bedroom. You can start with your bed. Wash your bedsheets and pillow covers. Even more so, wash your duvet cover, pillows, and more.

You may need to go to a laundromat for this, but it is important to give your bed a deep clean for personal hygiene.

Then, make sure you clean your mattress. You can use baking soda and then vacuum it up. If you are wary of lumps forming, make sure to flip the mattress.

It is also important to organize your bedroom better. You will want to place all your clothes in a tidy area. Make sure your closet looks nice because it will do wonders in providing you with peace of mind.

Clean The Living Room

One of the most important home cleaning tips in the living room is to get rid of all the dust. You can do this by vacuuming through all the surfaces.

This includes your couch. You would want the area to be as free from dirt as possible, even if you can’t see any spots.

Every now and then place your decorative pillows in the laundry. Make sure to also wipe down the cabinets and TV areas.

How to Deep Clean a House Well

Have you been wondering how to deep clean a house? This article has gone through several useful steps to take. First, make sure you declutter before cleaning.

You will then want to tackle deep cleaning by approaching each area differently. You will have different focus areas in different rooms. Tips for a clean home involve getting rid of dust, wiping down surfaces, and using appropriate cleaners.

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How to Deep Clean a House: A Complete Guide

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