The Best Iconic Outdoor Entertainment Ever Created

Iconic Outdoor Entertainment

When you were a kid, you probably had a lot of toys, but some stood out more than others. The best toys were the ones outside that you used every day for what seemed like forever. Now that you have your own kids, consider reliving those memories with some of the best iconic outdoor entertainment ever created.

The Trampoline

For any kid that was lucky enough to have a trampoline, they were the hit of the neighborhood. Trampolines are amazing fun for everyone in the family. They also provide excellent exercise in the fresh air and sunshine. With an attached safety net enclosure, kids can jump to their heart’s content.

Pogo Sticks

Do you remember jumping for hours on a pogo stick? The pogo stick was one of the best toys imaginable once you learned to master it. While it’s hard to find pogo sticks in stores, they’re widely available online in sizes for kids and extra strong models for adults. Pogo sticks are great for developing balance and coordination.


Scooters have gone through a lot of changes over the years. While vintage models had a wider body and larger tires, new ones are slimmer and lighter. One thing that hasn’t changed is the joy you feel when gliding across a smooth patch of pavement on a lightning-fast scooter. Check out iScoot to choose the best scooter you need.

A Swing Set

One of the most beloved outdoor toys of all time was the classic swing set. Some had gymnastic rings, seesaws and of course, a slide. While it’s tough to find the old-fashioned metal ones, they still exist alongside the wooden and plastic models and kids still love them.

Iconic outdoor toys are a big part of summertime memories, but they don’t have to stay in the past. Buying your children’s classic entertainment like a trampoline will provide them with hours of fun and encourage you to get involved, too!

The Best Iconic Outdoor Entertainment Ever Created

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