Dedicated Development Team: An Efficient Approach to Outsourcing Custom Software Development

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Now or later, every business has to decide between whether they go for a dedicated development team for outsourcing custom software development or enhance their in-house team. As technological and individual costs have increased, extending the in-house team often comes out to be more expensive and time-consuming. Also, as a dedicated development team is an efficient engagement model for IT outsourcing, most of the companies consider it as the right choice.

What is the Dedicated Development Team Model?

In this model, a team of dedicated developers joins in-house developers for a limited time, and together, they work on custom software development. Sometimes, there is no in-house team already present, and so it’s only the dedicated development team working in the client’s business environment.

The team usually includes IT professionals, web designers, and professional developers. Working in a very environment, they get to understand the client’s goals and objectives better. This way, it is easier to create a shared understanding of the vision and requirements. Also, it is easier for the dedicated team to test and ensure product quality from time to time.

Being a relatively new approach in outsourcing, a number of off-shore software development companies like FortySeven Software Professionals have adopted this efficient model.

Do You Need a Dedicated Development Team?

Well, hiring a dedicated development team creates a win-win situation. Therefore, it goes for the benefit of both client and off-shore development company. Here’s how:

Great for a Long Term Project

If you are going to initiate a long-term project, a dedicated development team makes sure that they are there throughout the development phase. Not only this, but they overlook the implementation process and always stay in touch to handle the technical challenges if they arise. Also, they make adaptation easier as the scope and requirements change.

No Expertise in In-House Team

The dedicated development team is a great help when your in-house team of developers does not have relevant experience or expertise in some specific areas. It saves a lot of time and resources.

Tight Budget and Less Time

A dedicated development team turns out to be a great option when your company is on a tight budget and so cannot afford to pay salaries to the in-house development team. Also, when you cannot afford to spend enough time on hiring and training of developers, dedicated teams are the best resort.

Higher Engagement and Flexibility

With the dedicated team on board, the client is engaged throughout the project. The project tends to be flexible, and there is a great room to incorporate changes whenever desired. Also, costs are predictable, and the company does not have to acquire all the required resources for development and implementation. That’s on the outsourcing company!

Final Thoughts

Now that you are well acquainted with a dedicated development team approach, you must be in a good position to decide if it is beneficial for you. FortySeven Software Professionals recommend a dedicated team model for long-term custom software development projects so you can enjoy higher control and engagement.

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Dedicated Development Team: An Efficient Approach to Outsourcing Custom Software Development

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