Best Mobile Games to Play in 2022

The best mobile games to play in 2022 are those that are free to download. Some of these games include Roblox, Candy Crush Saga, Guild of Guardian, and Untamed Isles. They are also highly addictive and can help you make a lot of money.


To continue to grow the Roblox community, it needs money to keep the platform up and running. As it stands now, the number of Roblox users is a miniscule percentage of the developed market. Furthermore, it is not uncommon to find young people who are obsessed with the platform, but they don’t necessarily want to make more money. Roblox should focus on growing its user base by focusing on increasing its average time on the platform. This could include getting older users to play the platform again.

Roblox has made some progress since last quarter, as its user base grew 26% year over year in July. During this time, users spent more than 4.7 billion hours on the platform, which was 31% higher than the same period in 2020. However, investors should watch for signs of improvement in bookings and profits to make a return on their investment. Currently, the company’s bookings per DAU have declined, and the company needs to monetize its player base more effectively. Also, investments in technology infrastructure will put pressure on profitability in the near term. Further, uncertainty will weigh on stock performance.

As Roblox continues to expand and monetize its platform, there is still plenty of room for growth. It is important to note, however, that bookings fell 4% year over year during the last quarter. While this may be a small number compared to the overall growth of Roblox, the company’s bookings are not keeping up with user growth. Investors should consider this when investing in Roblox.

As Roblox has been around for over 15 years, there are hundreds of games on its platform. This means that the Roblox community is big and loyal. With millions of users, there is a good chance that you will find a game that you like.

Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga is one of the most popular games today. It has become so popular that it is going to be one of the most popular games of 2022. This summer, Candy Crush players will have the chance to vote on what they want to do this summer, and you can enter to win! One winner will be chosen every Friday and win 24 hours of unlimited lives. You can also win a free 1 Party Booster by registering in the game for as little as 2 seconds!

One of the main reasons that Candy Crush Saga will remain so popular is because of its high ROI. It has nearly three billion downloads and 250 million in quarterly revenue. Plus, it has even inspired a game show on Mario Lopez’s network. However, the game is no longer as popular, or as culturally relevant, as it was in 2017.

In addition to its great ROI, Candy Crush Saga has become more competitive. The developers behind the game have reportedly begun to mark players as spenders, and will make it more difficult for those who are not. King, the creator of Candy Crush, has denied using any type of coercive monetization methods, but this is a growing concern.

Candy Crush Saga is a top-grossing game on Facebook, and its sequels, Jelly Saga and Soda Saga, have been released on mobile devices. The game’s success has resulted in a growing fan base of over 250 million users. As such, Candy Crush continues to expand and add levels for returning players. The game has also influenced many video game publishers and has become one of the most influential games of the last decade.

Guild of Guardian

Compared to other games, Guild of Guardians has no upfront investment requirement. The game aims to be a play-and-earn model, in which you gain assets through the efforts of both yourself and your guild members. The game is free to play, and you can join at any time.

This game is a cross between a traditional RPG and a mobile role-playing game. The players compete with each other to acquire resources, currency, and equipment. In addition, players can upgrade their characters and the equipment that they use in the game. Guild of Guardians is a mobile fantasy RPG.

It has a large community and a great future for growth. As the game becomes a more popular option, its price will rise. While it is difficult to predict when the coin will go to new highs, we predict that it will reach at least $1.29 by 2022. In 2028, it could reach as high as $2.66, but if you’re a long-term investor, you’ll want to buy as much as you can before then.

The game will launch on iOS and Android devices in 2022. The development team has already begun working on the game’s heroes. The company has over 200K subscribers, held its first NFT sale, and raised $4.6 million in investments. The game is being developed by Stepico Games, a Ukrainian game developer with 20 employees. This team is experienced in launching startups and developing games for mobile devices.

The game’s token sale is a key factor in the game’s growth, as it will galvanize the in-game economy. The tokens will allow gamers to buy in-game items and characters, and they will also offer voting rights.

Untamed Isles

If you’re looking for a way to invest in a game and earn a nice ROI, then consider investing in Untamed Isles. This MMORPG will soon be available in Early Access on Steam. It is a monster-catching adventure game with a twist. Instead of having a variety of creatures to choose from, you’ll only have to manage 10 creatures.

Untamed Isles was once a promising Pokemon-style MMO. It had a kickstarter campaign and raised $528,804 in the process. Unfortunately, as of August 11, Untamed Isles is still not available on Steam. However, the game’s developers are fielding questions and fielding feedback from the community.

The team behind Untamed Isles was formed over two years ago and grew to seventy people. The game’s development was funded in part by shareholders of Phat Loot Studios, and by the board of directors of Phat Loot Studios. While they raised almost $1 million through Kickstarter, this funding was insufficient to pay all of the team’s wages.

Untamed Isles is designed to be a social experience, allowing players to create groups and guilds. This allows players to collaborate and navigate the open world together. Additionally, players can communicate with each other via voice chat. The game’s open world also encourages social interaction, including monster breeding. This method creates monsters with unique characteristics that can be enhanced with various equipment. Players can also engage in fishing, dungeons, guild-based territory battles, and PvP battles.


Silks is an exciting NFT project that will innovate and gamify the traditional sport of thoroughbred horse racing while offering a potentially rewarding ownership experience. Another appealing NFT project coming soon is the Meta Triads. These coins will feature 10,000 pieces of digital art and include humanoids, hybrids, and more.

Silks mimics the thoroughbred horse racing industry with blockchain technology. Players purchase plots of land in this virtual world and develop them into horse farms that house Silks Horses. These Silks Horses are part of the Game of Silks ecosystem, which will mint a new crop each year. They will also have a unique NFT, which tracks their bloodlines and progress in training. As a Silks owner, you’ll be rewarded when your thoroughbred wins a race.

Silks has a roadmap and a white paper that show it’s a promising project that is still in its early stage. If you’re an aspiring investor, Silks is one of the best NFT projects to watch in the coming years. It has the potential to become the next big NFT project.

Best Mobile Games to Play in 2022
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