A Guide to the Best Online Image Upscalers to Avoiding Pixelation 

Image Upscalers

Simple Ways to Enlarge Images Online and Avoid Pixelation

Do you need to increase the size of small images or fix their blurred, low-quality parts? Most professional creators usually opt for paid editing software to manipulate their files. However, many free online tools let you edit images quickly and without expert skills. Using web-based upscalers, you can improve image quality, sharpen logo details, prepare the file for print on large billboards, and fix low resolution in important documents. 

Quality loss can happen from resaving a file too many times, or sloppy resizing when you simply stretch out the picture without paying attention to its resolution details. To avoid these pixelation and resolution issues, let’s discover the top online upscaling tools, their essential advantages, and their main features.

Essential principles behind enlarging a picture without losing quality

When you just stretch an image, making it bigger, it only increases the size of pixels (hence the word “pixelation”) but doesn’t increase the image quality. Also, manipulating your pictures with the help of various image editors or working with it on different operating systems can result in software conflict, and turn a once beautiful image into a pixelated one. However, no matter what mistakes you make as a beginner, you can fix pixelated pictures with the help of modern AI-based technology and online image upscalers like the one at https://depositphotos.com/upscaler.html.

How do online image enlargers work? High-quality photo upscalers fill in missing pixel information on poor-quality images using AI-based algorithms; they recreate the pixels and polish the overall look. Algorithms are trained on thousands of photos employing the deep learning model. Do you want to test the best online image resizers and finally upscale your pics and documents? The next section describes three top web-based enlargers for creating HD visuals.

Online software to enlarge images without pixelation 

Depositphotos image upscaler

Free Depositphotos upscaler does a quick, high-quality job increasing the pic size and enhancing its quality. You can use it on both mobile and desktop. The AI upscaler works only with JPG and JPEG files, and you can upload a photo weighing up to 15 MB maximum. You can test the tool by processing pre-selected images on the upscaler’s web page, or downloading any free files from the Depositphotos stock image library and uploading them to the program. The tool resizes the picture in a few seconds without additional manual input. 

To resize the photos for your creative designs, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Depositphotos website and find the Free Image Upscaler in the Tools section (top menu bar).
  2. Click on Upload Image or drag and drop your file onto the page.
  3. Compare the original and resized picture.
  4. Click on Download to save your upscaled, high-quality visual.

You can use the upscaler without any limits to process more pictures. However, to download the enlarged images, you first need to create a free account on the platform.

BeFunky image resizer

This is an intuitive freemium online photo editor which allows you to crop, resize, and enlarge your images without losing quality. BeFunky image enlarger and editor works on both mobile and desktop, producing sophisticated results. The AI-powered tool is fully available after purchasing a BeFunky Plus upgrade. At the same time, the free version offers you basic image enlargement options, batch processing, several touch-ups, and limited smart editing tools.

How to process your visuals using the BeFunky online image resizer?

  1. Go to the BeFunky website, scroll down to the Most Popular Features, and click on Crop and Resize Photos.
  2. Get started with the upscaling tool and upload your image in JPG, PNG, or PDF formats.
  3. Browse and choose the editing options on the right-side toolbar to manipulate and enlarge your photo.
  4. To use the AI-powered tools, upgrade by clicking the button in the upper right corner and purchasing the subscription.
  5. Click on Save to download your result either as an image or a project.


Bigjpg is an online AI-powered freemium enlarger that helps you achieve outstanding picture quality, even if your source image is small and shabby. The tool’s web interface is essential, but it does not affect the produced results. Bigjpg is available in an app version for your Windows, Android, Mac, or iOS device. 

To download the AI-enhanced resized image, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Bigjpg website.
  2. Click on Select Images and upload any JPG image you want to upscale.
  3. Click on Start, next to your uploaded image. You will see the Configuration pop-up menu.
  4. Choose the upscaling and noise-reduction options and click on Done when ready.
  5. Wait a couple of minutes (for free users) before getting and saving your enlarged downloadable image.

Budget-friendly image resizing tools for mobile  

Sometimes, you need an upscaling application that works on your smartphone, so here are some excellent, affordable options.

For iOS, most resizing apps are usually freemium or free. The free Desqueeze batch resizer quickly does the simple image enlarging job, so you can upscale your visuals and post HD pictures to your social media in a couple of minutes. Image Size app is another alternative that helps improve your pics’ quality, and print, send, or share them online right away.

Some of the best resizing apps for Android users are Pixlr and Instasize. Pixlr comes with a variety of available stock photos, providing you with in-app inspiration for your creative ideas. And Instasize is not only a high-quality resizer, but also an excellent app for creating social media-ready collages.


Enlarging images online is simple, and you don’t need to worry about making mistakes while manipulating your visuals. AI-powered image upscalers can fix various rookie mistakes, enhance image quality, and help you create striking pictures for your creative projects and social media use. Test these resizing tools and choose the right one for you.

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A Guide to the Best Online Image Upscalers to Avoiding Pixelation 

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