A Business Owner’s Guide to the 8 Best Online Payroll Services

Best Online Payroll Services

Getting payroll right is no walk in the park for any business. It can be a real headache trying to pay employees correctly and on time if the payroll service you use is subpar.

Choosing a trusted online payroll service will save you time and money. Read on to explore what we found to be the 8 best online payroll services on the market today.

1. Your FundingTree

Sitting at the top of our list of best payroll service options is Your FundingTree. Known for its simple payroll processing solutions and flexibility, this payroll service is paraded for its reliability, breadth of features, and its unparalleled affordability.

The services they offer are less expensive than Paychex or ADP and comes with a full range of features. Our three favorite features of theirs are:

  • Payroll and tax calculations
  • Cloud-based payroll processing
  • Unlimited direct deposits and self-print checks

Your FundingTree is also known for its friendly and knowledgeable HR team. Forget about Quickbooks and have a chat with Your FundingTree’s team of highly trained professionals about even the most complicated payroll and tax processes!

2. Gusto

Gusto exemplifies the benefits of online payroll services because of its incredibly flexible payroll service that’s suitable to businesses of all sizes. Some of our favorite features of Gusto include:

  • Slick automation of payroll runs
  • Trusty tax payment service
  • Easy year-end filing

Gusto has 4 affordable plans available for ecopreneurs or full-fledged corporate businesses. From the Basic plan ($19/month) to the Concierge plan ($149/month), this is an affordable service jam-packed with powerful tax management and payroll services no matter the price.

 3. Quickbooks

Up next on our top payroll services list is Quickbooks. Even though it’s mainly accounting software, its secondary online payroll feature works like a charm.

With the ability to combine your accounting services and payroll features beginning at $22.50/month, Quickbooks is a clear choice for small business owners and enterprises alike.

4. Paychex

Paychex has been stomping the competition for over 50 years. Currently serving over 650K companies, Paychex is a testament to how adapting to the changing environment keeps longstanding businesses ahead of the curb.

Small businesses will benefit from their Paychex GO option for $59/month while larger businesses can select from a customizable Paychex Flex service.

5. ADP

ADP is a great payroll service for scaling companies. ADP is an online payroll service that works well for businesses of any size because of its flexibility.

ADP is specifically designed to grow by your business’s side. They understand that every business grows at different rates and has its own unique needs.

With its excellent customer support and flexible payroll service plans, ADP is a clear choice for small businesses!

6. OnPay

OnPay is known best for its no-hassle processes, simple pricing plans, and flexibility. It’s an all-in-one online payroll service that begins at $36/month with an additional $4 per employee.

Since their no-nonsense plan is all-inclusive, OnPay is a no-nonsense choice for small businesses.

7. Square Payroll

Similar to OnPay, Square’s online payroll service comes in an all-in-one package for only $29/month with an additional $5 per employee.

Business owners who are already using Square’s POS services will make an easier transition to Square Payroll, but the process is simple for everyone.

Larger businesses won’t benefit as much from Square Payroll because of its limited HR resources, but small businesses will thrive.

8. Payroll4Free.com

This payroll services option has no price tag, but don’t let that fool you. Payroll4Free is an excellent money-saving option for sole proprietors and small businesses.

Its free services end once businesses reach more than 25 employees, but users will never pay more than $30 per month.

Choosing the Best Online Payroll Services Is Hard

There are many types of payroll services to choose from, which is why it’s difficult to determine which are the best online payroll services on the market!

We hoped this article brought you 1, 2, or even 3 steps closer to choosing the right online payroll service company for you.

A Business Owner’s Guide to the 8 Best Online Payroll Services

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