What Is The Best Software To Use For Electronic Notaries?

Electronic Notaries

Electronic document management has long been a part of our lives. It is really a convenient solution to all sorts of bureaucratic problems related to documentation. Now there is no need to carry around a pile of waste paper, all you have to do is upload the data into a special protected software. Notaries especially often use such programs for data storage and structuring or for certifying or signing documents with an electronic digital signature.  

Top applications for electronic notaries

There are currently many different software applications that simplify the work of the notary sector. In order not to get lost in such a variety we have collected a selection of the best programs to help specialists and simplify their hard work. The top applications reliably take the leading positions:

  1. HelpDesk. It is the optimal software for small companies with a moderate workload and a small number of employees. It will become a worthy substitute for Excel programs for data structuring and analytics. 
  2. DocVerify. The program allows fast verification and e-notary of any documents of your company. The interface is simple and clear, and there is a wide list of useful features.
  3. Safedocs. Distinctive feature of this software is rather big cloud storage for documents archiving and storage.  
  4. PickTech. The software allows to fully automate the notary’s work and avoid possible confusion with paper documents. There are necessary templates for work, possibility to archive documents and give them statuses depending on the level of importance and urgency.  
  5. DigaSign eNotaryDoX. Maximum security software with a high level of security for your documents. Most often it is used in companies of strategic direction, where security must be at the highest level and be guaranteed by several degrees of protection from hacker attacks and other attempts of hacking. 

PandaDoc software occupies a special place in this list, as it allows you to implement notarize online as quickly and conveniently as possible. That’s why it’s worth talking about this application separately and in detail in order to understand all the nuances and subtleties.

PandaDoc — a reliable solution for online document management

Modern PandaDoc software allows you to store and manage your documents in a secure cloud online. Here you can create your own personal document flow that will fully cover the needs of your company.Also you can use templates, like free statements of work templates.

The program has the option of granting access to multiple users, for simultaneous correction of the document. You can also generate an electronic signature to sign documents at any time you want. 

Convenient management tools and intuitive interface make PandaDoc one of the best and most demanded programs to ensure smooth and correct work of notary specialists.

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What Is The Best Software To Use For Electronic Notaries?

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