When Is the Best Time of The Year To Replace a Roof?

Replace a Roof

When your roof starts leaking or your shingles crack, you will have to take action immediately. Ignoring a damaged roof will only get worse and cost you more than you had planned for. Also, when buying a roof, note that most have a lifespan of 25 years, so you may want to start planning early for a replacement if it is too old.

Most people usually contact roofing companies in spring and summer. At this time, there is competition for hiring the best roofers on the market. However, when your roof gets damaged at the beginning of winter, you will not wait for spring to have it fixed. Therefore, it is best to cover all the year’s seasons for you to pick what works for you.

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If you ask any homeowner about roof replacement, they will say they prefer to do it after winter. Most agree that winter is too cold, while summer is too hot and busy for most roofers. Therefore, spring is ideal. For instance, installing asphalt shingles under 45°F can be challenging. This is because they need to attach to your roof and create a ceiling that will let them hold them in place. Lower temperature gives a roofer a few challenges.

During spring, the weather is accommodating, and a roofer will have an easy time. The only challenge could be a spring downpour. Therefore, watch out for the weather and plan with your contractor on a day with little chance of rain.


Summer is usually a busy time for roofers. They are in demand, especially if they offer quality services with affordable pricing. In fact, most homeowners choose early summer because the heat is yet to be extreme, and the rain has stopped.

With demand, prices tend to go up, though. You will find most contractors have hiked their prices or costs of some types of roofing materials have gone up. While some roofing contractors may not turn you down, they might schedule you for a later time. If replacing your roof is among your summer home renovation projects. Start planning early and booking contractors to avoid the hustle.


Fall is a great time as well for replacing a roof. The weather is cool and somehow stable, and with winter about to start, you want to ensure the roof is in great condition. However, even in the fall, there is a high demand for roofers and roofing materials, causing a hike in prices. There is also very little chance of rain, allowing roofers to work for long hours with no interruptions. And most roofers will cover the urgent roofing needs first, then move to the less pressing ones.


We can all agree that winter can be a hard time to have your roof replaced. The weather is cold and keeps interrupting roofers, leading to long working hours. Shingles require thermal sealing to keep them in place, and the warm temperatures make the process go faster. When it is freezing outside, the process can take even weeks.

As https://www.loaconstruction.com/roof-services/austin-roofing-company/ advises, this time can be problematic, but it is not impossible. If you manage to get an expert roofer, they will replace your roof efficiently. You will also find that most roofers are not busy during winter, making it possible for you to get a good deal. Roofers that are confident in their skills will not have trouble working on your roof during winter.

Do not wait for your roof to cave in or for the damage to be apparent before calling a roofer. Also, if you are working with a reputable company, they can manage to navigate the different weather conditions. The bottom line is, early preparation is vital if you know your roof has been seen for a few decades.

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When Is the Best Time of The Year To Replace a Roof?

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