5 Thoughtful Birthday Gift Ideas For Little Girls

Gift Ideas

For everyone who has a 5-year-old girl, they know very well how hard it is for their little girl to stand still for a second. Little girls are always on the run from one room to another carrying a lot of playing and mothers stuff in their hands. Their spirits are always high to explore and discover every possible thing around them. And if you have achieved the milestone of upbringing your little girl for 5 years, this means she has crossed the territory of being a small toddler. She has grown a little much, now she can actively learn new things, take more interest in writing and learning languages. It may be that she even started copying her mother’s style and fashion.

At this age, she will develop many habits and interests and there are plenty of items through which you can simply help her. Like if you can give her some fun, educational and creative gifts items on her upcoming birthday. And if you don’t know what to exactly give her, then fret not we have curated some gift items that are perfect to entertain any little girl in your life. Let’s start 

Explorer Set

Now that she’s all active and exploring new things around her than gifting her an outdoor explorer Set would be perfect. This is a great activity, especially for a 5-year-old child. This explorer set includes a map, compass and other basic things that we need during our outside adventures. She will be able to learn many more things like how to read a map, use a compass and you can even take her to your local zoo or bird museum where you can teach her about different types of birds and animals. We are sure all such great activities will keep your little princess away from electronic devices and other stuff. 

Customised Barbie Cake

It’s her birthday rolls around and you are probably looking out for some gift items to impress your little princess. But in this mess, don’t forget to bring her a delightful birthday cake. Yes, cakes are the favourite delicacy of every child, we can clearly see that in their eyes but you can make it more overwhelming by getting a barbie cake this year. There are many portals that provide online birthday cake delivery of whatever cake flavour and cake design you want. Not just Barbie you can personalize the cake with characters like cinderella and superwoman too. 

Electric Guitar

If you think it’s time to develop some soothing music skills for your little girl then what about gifting an electric guitar this year? This will create a sense of choosing great music by themselves and they will get inspired to work on this skill a lot more. Also, you collect her videos and pictures while learning and playing the guitar, so that after years it will become a sweet memory of her childhood fun. Make sure to find a guitar that is perfect for small hands and easy to play. 

Styling Kit

She may be a 5 year old but it may be true that she would have developed some styling and fashion skills now. maybe she is following her mother or maybe right now she is standing on her mother’s heel in front of you. Haha! You see, well it’s a great thing and you encourage her interest by gifting a styling kit. This kit contains nail polish, a hairbrush, clips and stylish rubber bands so that she can style herself and her doll in different ways.

Colouring books

Colouring books are the favourite pastime of every child. If she already has enough of it, you can always treat her with more. Try to buy a book that comes with a mermaid and fairy tales outlines and glitter paint. 

All of these will grab her more attention. And don’t forget to buy a set of crayons too. 

So these were some gift ideas that every little girl craves.

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5 Thoughtful Birthday Gift Ideas For Little Girls

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