Blue Nile Basenjis

The blue nile basenji dog breed is one of the oldest. It was once prized by ancient Egyptians and African tribesmen for its speed, keen eyesight, and hound-like sense of smell. It was a great companion, and was used by hunters for driving away small prey. This ancestor of today’s Basenji was a member of the Congo Terrier dog family. The Basenji dog breed was originally bred to hunt and was later imported to the west.

While a great running companion, a Basenji puppy must be given time to build its endurance. Do not push a puppy if it is showing signs of exhaustion. If the puppy is too energetic, he may chase you and be dangerous for wildlife and on roads. However, once trained, the Basenji is a devoted companion. You should keep your backyard safe if you have one.

Blue nile basenjis can be loyal and gentle but can be stubborn when trained. They form strong bonds with their owners, but they do not make lapdogs. This characteristic makes them an excellent choice for apartment-dwelling households. Although they don’t bark, they are not a good choice for families with children, and may not be suitable for inexperienced dog owners. The blue nile basenji is a great choice if you’re looking for a dog who enjoys company and gets moderate exercise.

There are health risks associated with owning a Basenji. Basenjis are more susceptible to hypothyroidism so make sure you only adopt from reputable breeders. Make sure you meet the dog’s parents and siblings before purchasing it. Additionally, you should be aware of genetic hemolytic anemia and inflammatory bowel disease. You should also research the breed’s overall health to ensure your pet is healthy and happy.

The earliest history of the blue nile basenji was unknown. They were brought to America from Central Africa by Lady Helen Nutting. The dogs were initially prized hunting dogs by central African tribesmen. Despite this, they are generally kept as pets. Today, you may see them in lure coursing events or as show dogs. Despite their small size, the blue nile basenji is an elegant dog, and will surely become a part of your family.

The blue nile basenji’s history can be traced back to 1907, when four Basenjis from England were imported. One year later, Kwillo of Congo becomes the first world champion. The breed is also represented by the Fula and the Tiger Story in the British Isles. This article also focuses on the development of the blue-nile basenji. The future of blue nile basenji dogs is bright. There is growing interest in them.

AKC recognition and approval is the key to the success of Blue Nile basenjis. The AKC’s Foundation Stock, AKC foundation stock, and the BCOA have all awarded the breed with best in show titles. For more information, please consult your veterinarian. You should also make sure your dog is getting enough exercise and gets proper rest. The Blue Nile basenji breed was once a favorite among fashionists and even modeled for a pattern on J. Crew boxer shorts.

Blue Nile Basenjis
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