Brand New City by Mitski Miyawaki

Mitski’s debut album, “Lush,” was released online in 2012. The sparse, electronic songs featured eighties-style synths and programmed drum machines and propulsive guitar. It was a bold move, as it showcased the morbid sensibility that has made her so popular. Her lyrics explore the frustration of being a non-white woman in a white world while using the guitar to dismantle doubts about her place in society.

Brand New City is the third track on Mitski’s LUSH album and follows a similar theme to the previous two. The song details societal norms, the feeling of not having succeeded in earlier years, and the effects of aging. The song is available as a free download on iTunes or from the artist’s official site.

Mitski is a young artist who has proved her versatility by steering the rock trajectory in new directions. As a musician, she is curious, experimental, and witty. Her songs are wise and messy, but she has pristine riffs to back them up. Mitski has a loyal following, and she’s definitely worth checking out.

Mitski Miyawaki is a daughter of a military father, so her family moved a lot when she was young. She was born in Japan, lived in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and spent her teenage years in Turkey. At eighteen, she moved back to the United States and attended Hunter College for her education. She chose New York over other places because she’d heard so much about it.

Mitski was preparing for a national tour in spring and summer, her second North American headlining tour since the release of her debut album. At that time, she was also working with Monica Mirabile, a movement coach and performance artist. Mitski was interested in Butoh dance theatre, which depicts chaotic emotions with a series of precise, repetitive gestures.

Mitski stands in front of a white table and chair. She wears wire-rimmed glasses and a West Texas Cloud Appreciation Society T-shirt. Her bandmates include Bruno Esrubilsky on drums, K. Marie Kim on keyboards, and Jen Magana on bass.

Mitski isn’t your indie rock savior, but she is an exceptional musician who uses her singular voice to speak truth to power with a public persona. She writes songs that are compelling and honest. Her lyrics aren’t just a soundbit, they are a reflection of her prismatic personality.

Brand New City by Mitski Miyawaki
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