Checking the Clima of New Haven, Connecticut

The climate in New Haven is fairly temperate, with warm and humid summers and arid winters. The average temperature is 23 degrees F, and the city experiences about 255 inches of precipitation per year. In addition, it does not rain on 119 days each year. There is an average humidity of 81%, and the city has a UV index of 3.

The climate in New Haven is moderate throughout the year, with the most pleasant months being mid-summer and mid-autumn. However, temperatures can be a bit cooler or warmer at these times. There are some signs of seasonal instability throughout the year, so be sure to check the clima before you make plans.

New Haven’s climate is classified as “Children’s Bay”. It has a temperate climate, with little precipitation. The warmest month is julho, with temperatures averaging about 27 degrees. In winter, it can get as cold as five degrees, but that’s unusual for the area. For a more accurate view of the weather in New Haven, check out the climate table below. The data in the table is based on the past 30 years.

The New Haven climate is characterized by a mild continental climate. Temperatures average around 25 degrees Celsius in lugio and are just above freezing in gennaio. The city has a three-degree UV index. This means that the city has cold winters, but hot summers.

The climate of New Haven is similar to that of New York. The city is located on the island of Long Island, in the Quinnipiac River delta. New Haven is about 100 kilometers north of New York. The climate is similar to that of New York, but freddoier. A few things distinguish this climate from others. The first thing to note is that New Haven is a coastal city, so it gets much less snow and fewer cold days than its neighbor.

During spring and autumn, New Haven’s climate is generally pleasant. The best time to visit is mid-September to mid-October. However, June is also a good month. Early September can be a bit sticky, but it isn’t nearly as hot as mid-summer. The coldest month is April, and the second half of the month is typically mild.

The predominant wind direction in New Haven varies over the course of the year. During spring, the wind is northward, while it is southward for the other nine months. In summer, the wind direction changes significantly. In New Haven, the most frequent predominant wind direction is westward for 3.4 weeks and 5.3 months.

Checking the Clima of New Haven, Connecticut
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