Brazilian Movies to Watch in 2017

There are many Brazilian movies to choose from, even cult favorites, if you have never seen one before. In 2017, there are several excellent new films, including the Netflix original, Kardec, about a French educator who became a cult leader and was regarded as an enemy of the state. He also founded spiritism, a religion that has approximately four million followers in Brazil. Amelie-Gabrielle Boudet stars in this movie.

“Bacarau” refers to a political comment on colonialism in Brazil and government corruption. A Weird Western, it combines the western genre with other genres to tell an original story. Another great movie to watch is “Estomago,” which follows the life of a young man named Raimundo Nonato, who returns to his native Sao Paulo to stop a group of former workers from seizing the land. Dayse, his mistress, is fed up and decides to take matters into their own hands.

“Dzi Croquettes” tells the story of a transgender Brazilian dance group that defied military dictatorship in the 1970s. The troupe struggled against sexism, patriarchy, and censorship, and ultimately changed the world of LGBT+ activism. The village has a cult-like devotion to the troupe’s international success, thanks to Liza Minnelli’s talents. The film includes never-before-seen images and interviews with dancers.

“Casa Do Alemao” is another film set in Brazil. A group of young people gathered in a poor neighborhood of Recife is enslaved by their employers. The police respond by killing the people in the area. The movie is a slice-of-life film that looks at the complex relationships among workers. Despite its bleak subject, there are a few highlights from this film.

“Vera’s Story” tells the touching story of a mother-daughter bond. The film’s star, Ana, is a former Communist Party member and has been living in many countries. Laura Castro plays Tania Castro, Ana’s daughter. She has been married for fifteen years to another woman. When she returns home, the two fall in love – and it’s a harrowing journey.

“Rosa Geral,” a documentary about a well-known singer, is available. It reveals her professional and personal life. “Dada Figueiredo”, a controversial surfer, had his ups and downs due to his attitude. “Radical” attempts contextualize his life and to register his affective experiences. If you are a fan of Brazilian music, it’s worth a look.

“Rio” stars Laura Castro, a director, singer, and cultural producer. She is also a feminist, and supports LGBTQIA+ issues. Her debut feature, “Acucar,” premiered at the Rotterdam International Film Festival. It is not recommended for younger audiences. It’s a great film that’s both heartwarming and fun.

This cult classic is one the most beloved Brazilian movies of all times. Lia Tora’s portrayal of a flapper was so popular that she appeared in multiple editions Cinearte. The jury chose her winner after she tried on many different outfits and poses. She was almost identical to Louise Brooks, an American actress who starred in flapper roles. Although Lia Tora looks a lot like Brooks, her beauty and talent make her an unstoppable force.

Brazilian Movies to Watch in 2017
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