Breed Memes

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In fanfiction circles, the “breedable” trope is often used as a derogatory term for men. Although the term isn’t misogynistic, it is problematic to see male sexuality celebrated through fanfiction. Non-cis men may find the term offensive because of their attraction to fanfiction’s female characters. A fan encouraged bros to tweet each other in June that they were submissive and therefore could be bred.

The poem’s origin is unknown, but it’s possible that it began as a meme in the fandom of science fiction author Ann Leckie, author of the Imperial Radch trilogy. Leckie posted several versions of the poem on Tumblr. One was written from the perspective a cow, another from the perspective a hen and the final one from the perspective a cow. The “i likthe bred” meme has been a popular meme in the Imperial Radch fandom.

Another popular type of meme is copypasta, which became popular in stan communities. Usually, these memes involved hot men or other beautiful inanimate objects. One TikTok user, Sophi, recorded herself in a mirror, fawning over anime characters. Due to the video’s popularity, other copypasta videos started to fawning over anime characters. It has been shared in many different versions on the Internet, making it a worldwide phenomenon.

Breed Memes
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