Bryan Wagner Net Worth

The net worth of Bryan Wagner is a mystery to many. He was born in Fort Worth, Texas in 1961. He is the President and CEO at Wagner Oil Company (Fort Worth). He is also involved in oil and gas exploration, acquisition, and exploitation in Texas, Louisiana, and Southeastern New Mexico. In addition to his successful career in business, Wagner has been a member of numerous community and charitable organizations. While you may not be aware of his net worth, you can find out about his personal life by reading about his bio below.

Bryan Wagner’s net worth has been estimated at $1-5 million. His salary is not known, but his net worth is large enough to make up a significant portion of his net wealth. Bryan Wagner has been married a total of five times, including to his wife and children. His net worth was reported to have increased in 2018-19, but this figure has not been confirmed. Regardless of his wealth, Wagner is a successful actor who has earned a lot over the years.

After signing a contract with the Dallas Cowboys as an undrafted free agent, Wagner played one season with the team before being waived on July 3, 1985. His contract was later terminated to make room for punter Rich Camarillo. As a result, his net worth has climbed since his NFL debut. His extensive net worth and professional career will allow him to make $1 million more this year.

Bryan Wagner Net Worth
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