BTS Reaction to Not Knowing You Have Their Child

What would your bts reaction be if they didn’t know you had their child? Is it sad? It depends. My favorite scenario is when a bts member is away on a long tour or is so busy with work that he doesn’t notice the baby’s presence. In such a scenario, a child would forget both parents and only remember one, possibly another member. If this happens, the child will be shocked, which would make either parent feel a little sad.

Is the bts reaction to not knowing you have their child similar to the one Yoongi and Jihoon had? It depends on the situation. You might be wondering what Jeongguk’s reaction would be if he knew that he was pregnant with Taehyung. I think the best way to find out if you are a good parent is to ask your bts to do an ultrasound on their daughter.

You and Jihoon were so in love with each other that you did not even tell your parents that you were pregnant. You waited until they were ready to have the child so they could be together. But, if they found out, they would be devastated. They would have had to decide whether to keep their child or not, and they would have had no choice. They did not want to hurt their daughter, so they left them alone.

They had decided to let you know about their pregnancy and had been trying to protect you from their shock. Their decision was a difficult one, but you were right to ask for their advice. Your reaction is what you should have expected. If your partner is afraid to tell you about their pregnancy, you should tell them about it. It might make them feel more comfortable with you. You can share this story with your child if you’re able to explain how it was for you.

When you told your boyfriend that you were pregnant, his reaction to not knowing you had their child was very emotional. He was extremely upset when you told him you were pregnant. Your girlfriend was so happy. Your boyfriend was shocked and upset that he called you. The two of you had been together for five months before you got pregnant. He had a sick daughter and had to stay home. The other BTS members also asked Yoongi to check up on his family.

Your boyfriend’s parents’ reaction to not knowing you had their child was very different from your own. He didn’t know that you were pregnant until he called you to tell you. He thought you had broken up about a year ago, but he only found out about you five months later. He felt that you had your child five months ago, but it wasn’t until later that he told you.

When you first found out you were pregnant, the BTS members were surprised and upset. However, Yoongi had no choice but to remain home, but she didn’t. The two were so upset that she was afraid to tell her friend, but her mother didn’t want to. They didn’t want her to know, and she was confused. But she did not know that her daughter had been born.

When you first found out you were pregnant, your boyfriend’s reaction to not knowing you had their child was very similar. He was angry that he had to wait so long to tell his girlfriend that he had a baby. It wasn’t until he saw the baby that he realized that he’d missed a few days of work. He’d also be upset that he’d missed his daughter’s birth.

While I was very surprised that Yoongi didn’t know that she was pregnant, the couple remained friendly and had a child. The parents did not tell anyone, which meant they were surprised and upset. The two remained anonymous. Neither had any children. The two were still very close. But Yoongi didn’t tell her husband. Despite his feelings, the two were not in the same room.

BTS Reaction to Not Knowing You Have Their Child
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