Bully For Sale VA

If you are in search of a beautiful American Bully for sale in VA, look no further. We are located at 3584 E. Stratford Rd. Orange, VA. We have an American bully for you. He is 8 weeks old and will be ready to go home on July 1st. We also have an American Bully pup for sale, which will be about 60-80 pounds full grown and ABA registered.

Bullies are large, athletic and intelligent and make great guard dogs. Getting your bully early will help you socialize and train the dog in a positive manner. Bullies can be stubborn but they thrive when their owner is firm in their control. Here are some of the many benefits of bully for Sale VA.

When buying a bully, price is a major consideration. Prices for American Bully puppies vary depending on their eminence and whether they have any working or exhibition certificates. Be sure to compare this price with all of your other expenses. You should be ready to pay for grooming tools, food, shelter, and training. An American Bully puppy can cost anywhere from $1500 to $2500 in Virginia. Some breeders sell puppies for considerably more.

Bully For Sale VA
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