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You have found the right place if you’re looking to purchase an autograph of Andrew Whitworth. After a 16-year successful career, Whitworth was announced as the NFL’s retiring player. Whitworth is an outstanding footballer, a two time high school national champion and a college national title winner. Whitworth played for LSU under the legendary coach Nick Saban, before mysteriously disappearing for 2 years to become a coach at Alabama.

As a pro, Whitworth was a two-time Pro Bowl selection and was voted as an AFC First-Team All-Pro in 2010. He joined the Los Angeles Rams in 2018 and was named to his fourth Pro Bowl. Whitworth was second in the NFL’s pass blocking win rate during his rookie season. He was named the 2021 Walter Payton NFL Man-of-the Year in December.

Despite the looming retirement, Whitworth has acknowledged that he’s leaning toward retirement. In his last game against the Rams, Whitworth had a chance to make the Rams’ offensive line a better unit. Whitworth’s comments about his former team were actually meant to motivate his new teammates. During the Rams’ postseason run, Whitworth even entertained the idea of retiring.

Upon signing with the Bengals in 2006, Whitworth made his first start on special teams in Kansas City, and then moved over to the offensive line and started every game as the left guard. He was the anchor of the Bengals’ offensive and helped them to score 481 yards against the Browns in 2008. In the end, he was a starter for the entire season. Whitworth’s autograph makes a great collector’s item.

The first step towards a three-year contract with the Rams is achieving the seventy per cent playing time threshold in his rookie year. He’ll average $7.5 million per season on a four-year contract. If he reaches the 75% threshold again, he’ll earn an additional $500K. Andrew Whitworth will receive an additional $500K if the Rams beat the Cardinals in this season’s playoffs.

Andrew Whitworth is an NFL star, but he’s also a multi-faceted athlete. During his high school years, he was a standout in tennis and golf. He is now worth $47million by 2022. But this won’t happen overnight. His NFL career will continue to take his team to the playoffs. And while he is no longer with the Bengals, he is certainly worth watching.

Buy an Andrew Whitworth Autograph
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