Buying a Pomeranian Chow Mix Puppy

buying a pomeranian chow mix puppy 44359

Generally, the price range for a Pomeranian chow mix puppy is anywhere from three thousand to nine hundred dollars. Although this is not an uncommon price, the average puppy can be purchased for less. Buying from a reputable breeder or rescue organization may cost between five hundred to one thousand dollars. Buying from a rescue group may be a good option if you want to avoid the expense of purchasing a puppy.

A Pomeranian Chow mix can range in size from a small to medium dog, depending on the dominant traits in both of the parent dogs. Some of the traits to look for in a Pomeranian chow mix puppy include a blue tongue, stilted gait, and extra thick fur around the neck. Their appearance resembles that of a small bear. If you’re considering buying one for your family, you should know that they are highly intelligent and respond well to training.

Buying a Pomeranian Chow Mix Puppy
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