What to Consider When Buying Medical Supplies for Your Company

Buying Medical Supplies

Times are tough for physicians right now. Indeed, thanks to the pressures of COVID-19, as many as 16,000 medical practices have been forced to close their doors for good! In a bid to weather the storm, it’s more important than ever for the tens of thousands that remain to go the extra mile in their provision of care.

That’s where the quality of your medical supplies comes into play! After all, alongside the proficiency of your team, few factors have a bigger impact on success than the efficacy of your equipment. Reliable, modern, and highly functional supplies deliver superior results and distinguish you from other practices in the area in the process.

Unsure how to source the best medical equipment and supplies for the job? Let us help! Check out these key considerations for doing exactly that.


Treat your quest for medical supplies like buying auto insurance. In other words, be diligent, shop around, compare ‘quotes’, and never accept the first offer you receive!

Finding the best deals (in terms of price and quality) takes time, but the internet can simplify the task. Start by reading product reviews for the items in question and then seek out reviews of the organization to qualify the vendor’s reputation. The content of these reviews will do one of two things: settle your nerves about making a purchase or convince you to look elsewhere.


We don’t have to tell you how expensive medical equipment and supplies can be. Complex technical equipment can cost an arm and a leg- especially when it’s brand new! That’s why it’s always so tempting to save some money by buying budget-friendly options.

It’s better to think longer-term, though, and to treat these purchases as investments. After all, you tend to get what you pay for in life, right? Cost-effective supplies might save money upfront, but what happens if they break down, cause ongoing problems, and require regular repairs in the future?

Ironically, you may spend more overall than you would have had you bought more expensive items in the first place. For added safety, durability, reliability, and effectiveness, consider buying higher-quality (and costlier) supplies from the outset.

Age and Use

The age of medical supplies almost always correlates inversely with how much it costs. The older the equipment is, the less you’ll pay for it, and vice versa! If you’re on a tight budget, then, opting for second-hand equipment’s usually a sensible option.

Strive to strike a balance between cost and quality though. Although you can definitely find high-functioning used and refurbished gear, it’s definitely the riskier option (compared to buying it new). As we detailed above, cheaper supplies are more likely to have underlying issues that could impact your bank balance down the line.

Anyone who takes this route should clarify (and seek evidence) that the second-hand supplies comply with the state’s rules and regulations. Certificates of past repairs and quality assurance are important as well.


Medical suppliers go through the same challenges as standard retailers when it comes to stock. They might order too much of a particular product, for instance, or struggle to sell items in a certain color, and so on. Whatever the reason, they may have stock leftover at the end of the season that they’re willing to sell at discounted rates.

If you’re after a bargain, it’s always worth enquiring after these ‘overstock’ options or checking for ‘clearance’ pages on their website. With any luck, they’ll have the exact supplies you need at a fraction of the usual cost.


It almost goes without saying, but you should make sure that anything you buy for your practice is under warranty. This is crucial to clarify before signing any dotted lines. Don’t, and you could be lumbered with the costs of repairing any technical issues that arise.

These warranty details take on even greater significance if you’re buying used medical supplies, of course. Because the likelihood of faults and flaws is much higher, it’s imperative that the warranty’s both long and comprehensive enough to cover your investment.

One more thing: high-quality, extended warranties show that the supplier’s confident in their products! That, in turn, means you can feel confident about buying from them.

Comprehensive Providers

Do you have lots of different medical supplies you need to buy at the same time? Well, you’ve got two main choices for how to proceed:

  1. You can purchase each item from different suppliers, or
  2. You can purchase every item from one comprehensive supplier.

We recommend option number 2. Trust us, taking the first piecemeal approach will be a long, drawn-out, and arduous process! To save time, effort, and money, find a single medical supply company, such as KMS Supply, that can accommodate all of your equipment requirements.

Processing Times

Don’t forget to take timings into account too. Remember, ordering medical supplies isn’t the same as buying something from Amazon Prime! Unlike the next-day delivery we’ve grown so accustomed to nowadays, it could take weeks (or months) for big, expensive, and technical items to arrive on your practice’s doorstep.

This is of particular importance for anyone who’s starting a medical practice for the first time. Plan ahead and order your equipment in advance to ensure everything’s ready on opening day.

Remember These Considerations When Buying Medical Supplies

Starting and running a successful medical practice is never straightforward. Throw COVID-19 into the mix, though, and it can feel near-impossible! Are you trying to cement your spot in the local community by providing the highest possible standard of care?

Well, acquiring first-rate medical supplies is sure to make a difference. If you’ve been on a mission to do exactly that, then we hope the considerations in this post have helped. Keep them in mind and you should be one step closer to sourcing the best possible equipment from a reputable medical supplier.

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What to Consider When Buying Medical Supplies for Your Company

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