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Byte Buddy is a Java tool that can rebase and redefine classes. If a class already exists, it can be redefined with a single command. You can also use Byte Buddy to change classes that have already loaded. These are useful features for developers who want to avoid the need for rewriting existing code.

Byte Buddy handles all of the methods in subclasses and base classes. It also calls the rebase method for the generated classes. It also flattens the hypothetical superclass. Byte Buddy can also rename subclasses by adding a random suffix.

Byte Buddy also provides the ability to change and add new behavior to classes. It comes with convenient aliases for common Java naming patterns and predefined ElementMatchers. You can also create your own matchers by writing a brief description of the behavior you want to implement.

Byte Buddy is written in Java and supports all Java versions, including Java 5. It is lightweight and easy to use, relying only on the visitor API of the Java byte code parser library ASM. The library is also designed to be non-intrusive, leaving no trace of its presence. Even its mascot is a ghost!

Another handy feature of Byte Buddy is its HotSwap support. This feature is useful in extreme circumstances, such as when extending an existing class. Byte Buddy can also be used in build scripts and as a tool to extend existing classes. As long as the user has a Java agent, the agent can be installed at runtime.

Byte Buddy is an open source library that is dedicated to making Java runtime code generation easy and accessible. It supports Java bytecode generation and instrumentation, and offers an API that abstracts bytecode operators. It also offers a convenient API for changing Java classes.

To call a rebased method, you need to specify the target type of the method to rebase. You can either use a static or a dynamic type. It will then return the implementation of the method as an input. If you want to rebase a method, the target type must be a non-static type.

Byte Buddy
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