Can You Die From Clippers Disease?

Is it possible to die from clippers disease This is the question that haunts all hairdressers. The answer depends on the location and severity of the disease. The symptoms can worsen if the disease is not diagnosed and treated promptly. The first step in treatment is to get a brain biopsy. The earlier this is done, it’s better. However, if the disease is not detected in time, it can be fatal. In addition to the risks of death, there are other side effects that can occur with it.

The official name of CLIPPERS is chronic lymphocytic inflammation with pontocerebellar perivascular enhancement responsive to steroids. These symptoms can be life-threatening and are difficult to diagnose. Doctors must rule out several more common conditions before determining the cause of CLIPPERS. MRI tests show a punctate or curvilinear gadolinium enhancement in the pons, which is indicative of CLIPPERS. In addition, clinical response to steroid therapy is a crucial pillar in the diagnosis.

CLIPPERS is a rare neurological syndrome caused by inflammatory cells in the brain. It affects several different parts of the brain. The hallmark neuroimaging finding of CLIPPERS is peppering of the pons, which may spread to other areas of the cerebellum. Because the disease is progressive and episodic, early detection and treatment is essential in improving prognosis. But even if symptoms are present early, they can lead to death.

CLIPPERS was confirmed by MRI. Small, postgadolinium-enhanced lesions in the cerebellum and pons are hallmark features of the disease. MRI findings also support the diagnosis, so the patient was started on high-dose steroids for five days. He began to improve over the next few days and was discharged on a tapering steroid regimen. Repeat MRI results showed resolution of the miliary enhancement in the pons. Clippers disease can cause death.

CSF analysis usually shows a mild elevation of protein and pleocytosis. Sometimes, oligoclonal bands are seen, but they are transient. CSF b-2 microglobulin levels have been reported to be normal in one case and markedly elevated in another. However, this is not an immediate indication of death from clippers disease. Other symptoms may also be present.

Can You Die From Clippers Disease?
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