What You Should Know About Canadian Spousal Sponsorship

Canadian Spousal Sponsorship

If you’re reading this, you are likely deciding to marry a Canadian. You can then move to the country and start to enjoy a new life with the locals. Nevertheless, deciding to move into this country is never that easy, but you automatically get your passage to the country with a spousal sponsorship. A spousal sponsorship Canada is an immigration program by the Canadian government to keep couples together. For that reason, if one is married to a Canadian citizen, application for permanent residence in the country becomes an easy procedure.

What does Canadian spousal sponsorship mean?

One doesn’t need to be a Canadian, but a Canadian spouse to become a citizen can help to acquire a permanent residence. After getting married, one needs to apply for spousal sponsorship without hesitation. However, there are criteria followed to determine individuals who can be permitted to get citizenship. A person needs to be 18 years and older, have the ability to financially support whoever the person is sponsored, mustn’t have a record showing being convicted of sexual offenses, violence and have faced imprisonment at any given time.

How to prove the marriage is real

Most people have been identified to hold counterfeit marriage certifications, which is a risky move. A successful spousal sponsorship shows the legitimacy of marriage and proves that your relationship with your spouse is real. Once you provide the necessary documents during the application process, you will be asked to give a supporting document that proves that your relationship or marriage is real. Some of the documents include email and phone records, weddings, travel, photos with your spouse, and affidavit that support your relationship.

How to apply the spousal sponsorship

It is necessary to understand that the entire process of applying for the sponsorship is lengthy. There are multiple documents you are required to complete correctly. Even with the smallest error, the application procedure may be terminated. This might require you to start the process again. However, if your application is rejected, it can remain at the CIC for months before you are allowed to continue with the application.

How to become a permanent resident

After your spousal sponsorship application is complete and the application is processed and confirmed, you can now get permanent residence. However, it is important to note that this doesn’t mean that you have become a permanent citizen since citizenship by marriage is no longer in existence. For you to become a citizen, you must satisfy certain requirements like; be fluent in English or French, have been in the country for at least four years, not under investigation whatsoever, and have a good understanding of the country’s history, government and culture.

Therefore, when you are married to a Canadian citizen and wish to move into the country, you might be required to engage an expert. Look for one with vast knowledge on how to navigate through the procedures. You will as well enjoy quick handling of the application process.

What You Should Know About Canadian Spousal Sponsorship

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