Canine Castle

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The Canine Castle is made of all-aluminum construction, measuring 8′ long by 46″ high by 4′ wide. The walls are 2.5mm thick and shaped in 25mm squares, which are nearly impossible for a dog to chew. The floor is also made from 1/2″ Koma(tm), which is white and has a drainage hole. It is easy to assemble and disassemble for storage and transport.

Canine Castle grooming services are not like chain pet grooming shops. The place is intimate and has pictures of other pet owners. The owner is sweet and makes sure to pamper your pet. The entire experience is comfortable and enjoyable, and you’ll feel good about bringing your pet there for his or her grooming. Canine Castle offers professional and courteous service. The prices are reasonable considering the exceptional care and service it provides.

Canine Castle
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