Carea Leones

Carea Leones are extremely obedient and will work for their masters, but they are difficult to train and require a great deal of activity. Their energy level and activity levels will vary greatly, but they are typically active and need plenty of exercise. They are ideal companion pets, and can thrive in cities or on the farm. They are best for people who have small children or live in apartments.

The original use for the Carea Leones was to guard flocks of sheep in the mountains of LeoIn. The breed developed alongside the Spanish Mastiff, which protected the flock from predators. The Carea Leones traveled the world with Spanish sheep, and stayed in the mountains as their masters retired from the work. Their numbers declined over time due to human trashumance. Despite their unique characteristics, the breed still has many uses today.

The Carea Leones is a breed of sheepdog, native to northern Spain. Similar to Border Collies and other herding dogs, the Carea Leones is a popular pet for both children and adults. The Spanish Royal Canine Society recognizes them as an indigenous breed. They are also known as the Leonese Sheepdog. Their most common coat is a harlequinade of black, gray, white. Other coat colors include brown-gray and fawn.

The Carea Leones is not yet recognized by the FCI as a breed, but its characteristics are quite distinct from those of other black dog breeds. Its medium-sized body, dark eyes, and strong bones help to make it an excellent companion. It is not hypoallergenic and can often shed its hair. The carea is a medium-sized dog with a distinct personality.

Leon’s livestock development was aided by the mountain ranges. In fact, three of the main drove roads for merino sheep had their head in the mountains. Leon’s shepherds were often hired to manage large numbers of livestock that moved between Extremadura, Leon, and elsewhere. These people were more able to handle the difficult mountain conditions, and as migratory flock transhumance declined, many shepherds from the mountains established their own farms.

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Carea Leones
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