Casey Gauss

Casey Gauss

Viral Launch is a tech company based in Indianapolis that offers creative software and services to Amazon Sellers. Casey Gauss founded Viral Launch in 2014 at the age of 21. Casey has continued to use his passion for technology, building cool stuff, learning, and helping others to grow the company to more than 60 employees. He is still a firm believer in Amazon’s market philosophy and has helped a growing number of Amazon businesses succeed in the largest e-commerce marketplace.

Casey Gauss, Founder of Viral Launch

Casey Gauss, the founder of Viral Launch, says numbers don’t lie.

His data-addicted group built an impressive client list, from small side businesses to large corporations worth $100 million.

This CEO is a college dropout, despite being only 24 years old

Millions of millennials are wrapping up their college finals and heading into the summer break. Many people spend the time between spring and fall semesters wondering if college is the right choice for them.

In 2016, the average graduate of the 2016 class had more than $37,000 in student loans. Students in college are becoming more aware of the financial burden that student loan debt places on their future financial success and the challenges it presents.

The question of student loan debt is just one part of a larger question: Is college the right decision for everyone? Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg, two of the most innovative people in history, never completed their college degrees. Is the traditional route always the best?

Casey Gauss thinks otherwise. Viral Launch is run by Casey Gauss, a 24-year-old college dropout who also serves as the CEO and cofounder. Viral Launch helps businesses launch and dominate Amazon’s sales. Gauss’s client list includes side hustles and $100 million companies. They have launched more than 15,000 products on Amazon so far.

Gauss says, “I am a self-taught programmer.” “I left business school to create an app. My friend managed the business while I was in charge of app development.

They chose to concentrate exclusively on Amazon sellers. Amazon is the largest e-commerce site worldwide, accounting for more than $136 million in 2016 sales. Amazon experiences significant growth in third-party sales each year, making it an ideal client for Gauss as well as the Viral Launch team.

“I always wanted to be an early developer. Gauss says that he felt that he was in the right place at a right time. He loves learning but felt that the professors were not teaching him the right things to succeed in business.

He notes that “these professors couldn’t even use an iPhone” “I read articles from Fortune 500 businesses that were not in line with what the professors stated.”

Gauss’s experience is not uncommon among college students. Traditional universities have been slow to adjust to the changing business environment. Students like Gauss are realizing that the degree they pay may not be the best for their future.

Viral Launch now has more than 20 employees. The majority were hired within the last year. Gauss has chosen to shift his focus from rapid growth to long-term thinking, to hire smart people, and to empower them to do great things.

Gauss says, “I am learning how to take steps backward and work at an even higher level.” Gauss still loves to be a developer but understands that he is now the CEO of a young and dynamic company.

Although he may still be young, he has great advice for his generation. Have a vision for your life, and follow your passions. He says that a lot of millennials are content to follow the crowd, have no vision, and play the short game. “I know many high school classmates who saw a bright future, but were too focused on the immediate.”

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Casey Gauss

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