EaseUS RecExperts: A Windows Screen Recorder for Everybody

EaseUS RecExperts

We have no option but to host most of our events online due to the present scenario. Most activities are now done online through video conferences or online calls, including classes, hanging out, and meetings. And, of course, there will be essential topics covered during the event. Sure, if you can catch them at the meeting, but what happens if you don’t?

Recording applications, thankfully, are here to help. Recording apps are ideal for storing any information you want. You can always refer back to them if you forget. In this article, we will be reviewing the screen recorder software EaseUS RecExperts.

EaseUS RecExperts Features

As a Windows screen recorder, EaseUS RexExperts has plenty of features you can’t miss. They are:

Screen recording

Screen recording

Screen recording is the main highlight of the screen recording software. When users open the software, they will be presented with a medium-sized toolbar where the features are offered. On that toolbar, users can modify their screen recording settings.

Being a screen recorder for PC, RecExperts undoubtedly can record the entire screen. However, users can also crop a specific section of the screen and record that section only. Those who need to record a video of themselves can turn on the webcam feature and record using the webcam.

EaseUS RecExperts

If you would like to control the output’s video quality, all you need to do is hover to the Settings and tweak the setting according to your need.

What if you want to control the volume of the audio before the recording? Don’t worry. You can do so by going directly to the Audio section. In that section, you can drag the volume up or down however you want it to be.

Overall, RecExperts’ screen recording has all the features you need to create a great screen capture for your project/work.

Video editor

Another feature EaseUS RecExperts has the video editor. Yes, you can edit your video after recording! The feature will automatically pop out after you have recorded the video.

Using the video editor from this Windows screen recorder, you can trim the video so you can take the parts you need. Besides trimming, you can also take screenshots from the recording itself.

Pros of EaseUS RecExperts

Now that we have known all EaseUS RecExperts screen recording software features let’s see how the team reviews the software after using it.

High quality recording

Although there is plenty of screen recorder for PC, EaseUS screen capture tool stands out among the rest because of its high-quality recording. The video resulting from the recording is smooth, and there is little to no lag when it comes to capturing the screen.

The audio of the video is also crisp, so you can hear the screen’s audio (if you are recording a video on the screen).

The same goes with the webcam recording’s result. Although not all webcams have the same quality (depending on the laptop’s webcam), RecExperts will try its best to record from the webcam as smoothly as possible.

Easy and interactive layout

If you look at the toolbar of EaseUS RecExperts, you will notice that the primary color of the layout is black, and the menus are done in bright orange. The color combination is not without reason. The two colors match, but the bright orange on black also helps its users find the menus easily. So, you won’t miss anything when you’re exploring the Windows screen recorder.

Another noticeable detail we can see is the icons. The icons are humongous, and we can see the icons’ names right under it clearly in white font. Those who study design will realize that the icons are designed in a sleek style to give them a modern look. They are also significant because the developers want the audience to know the screen recording software’s features right away.

So not only is EaseUS RecExperts’ layout stylish, but it is also easy to recognize and can be found easily. This will help everybody to master this screen recording tool for PC quickly.

Little details

Windows screen recorder

Another pro of the Windows screen recorder is the little details we never realize we need. Examples of those details are Auto Split and Auto Stop. Their names are self-explanatory. Auto Split is for recordings to split automatically, while Auto Stop is for recordings to stop by themselves.

The little details might not seem unnecessary, but they relieve a massive workload on some people. Thanks to the minor features, people can take a shortcut on their work and save time to do other more urgent activities.


What makes RecExperts great is its compatibility. The screen recording software for PC is available for both Windows and Mac, so there’s no need to feel sad over the lack of compatibility. No matter what your device is, all is good.

Cons of EaseUS RecExperts

There are, however, some setbacks of EaseUS RecExperts users need to consider.

Too-basic video editor

Although EaseUS RecExperts come with its video editor, users cannot edit their videos fancily. The only thing the video editor does is trim and screenshot the recordings. That’s it. If you want to edit videos, you can opt for other software that focuses on editing or EaseUS Video Editor.


We can use EaseUS RecExperts’ free trial without purchase. However, it will come at the cost of a watermark on the videos. If you want to get rid of the watermark, you will have to subscribe.

You don’t need to worry because most features are for the free trial. So if you need it for the primary recording, you can stick with the free trial as long as you want.


Screen recording has become the norm nowadays, thanks to the current global situation. Hence, we need to consider when it comes to picking a screen recorder for PC.

EaseUS RecExperts is one of the screen recording software that’s worth a shot. Its features are simple enough to use, and yet it’s also complete at the same time. Using it will allow you to record the screen smoothly without worry.

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EaseUS RecExperts: A Windows Screen Recorder for Everybody

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