How Dark Can You Really Tint Your Car Windows?

Window tint has become almost standard on cars, and you typically have to make a special request when purchasing a new vehicle. With some after-market services, you can also have your windows tinted even darker than the original manufacturer’s tint. Tinted windows both provide aesthetic appeal and can contribute to several different functions in your […]

Truck Bed Liner, Winter Weight, And Adjusting Tire Pressure: How To Prepare Your Truck For Fall And Winter

Driving in the fall and winter can be dangerous due to the increased risk of slippery roads and adverse weather conditions. However, you can do a few things to prepare your car for the cold weather and improve your safety on the road. Here Are A Few Tips On Preparing Your Truck For The Fall […]

Are Two-Seater Cars Safe To Drive On The Highway?

When you’re traveling down the highway, all sizes of vehicles are sharing the road, and when you’re in a two-seater, it can be a problem. From tractor-trailers to SUVs, giant pickups and the kinds of cars your white-haired grandma drove, you see them all. The question is whether cars with two seats are safe on […]

How Much Does a Sunroof Installation Cost?

When installing a sunroof, you have two options: Factory-installed or Aftermarket. Both pros and cons, but the price is significant. Read more about the process and differences between Factory-installed and Aftermarket sunroofs. Aftermarket sunroofs are typically less expensive but are not as durable as factory-installed sunroofs. Aftermarket sunroofs An aftermarket sunroof can be a complicated […]

Is Hitting a Deer Covered by Car Insurance?

Deers are nervous and innocent creatures who often cross highways without warning. The only thing you can do to avoid an accident is to control your vehicle when you see it in your path. However, that won’t be enough every time. Deer-related accidents can be infuriating, especially if it is not your fault. And it’s […]

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