What to Expect During the Auto Transport Process

The auto transport process is important for moving your vehicle from one place to another. It involves the pick-up, inspection, and delivery of your car.

You should know what to expect during the auto transport process to plan. This will save you time and money in the long run.

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During the loading phase of the Florida to California auto transport, the vehicle will be placed on the trailer and secured securely. This is an industry safety standard, as it helps prevent damage to the car during transportation.

You will encounter some terms when looking for car shipping services, including open and enclosed transport. These terms will help you decide what type of transport is right for you.

In addition to selecting the correct type of transport, you should also choose a company that will be reliable and offer top-notch customer service. The best way to do this is to look for a company that prices things competitively and gets your car moved when needed.

If you have a high-end vehicle or a vintage classic, top-load transport is a great option to protect your car during transportation. It is more expensive, but it allows you to place your car on the second level of the trailer, where it will be better protected from debris that could fall and hurt your car.


The auto transport process is an important part of your car’s journey. It ensures that your vehicle is safe when you book it for delivery.

When the carrier is ready to pick up your vehicle, they will contact you and make arrangements to drop off or pick it up from your location. This is done to confirm you are available for pick-up, verify information, and avoid delays.

Ask another person to sign for the vehicle if you cannot be present. This is important as it can prevent any damage from occurring during transit.

Having a driver present at the pick-up and delivery is also helpful to ensure that everything is inspected. Many top brokers offer regular communication with their customers throughout the auto transport process to keep everyone informed of where their vehicles are at any given time.


The inspection phase of the auto transport process is important for your vehicle. It ensures that no dents, scratches, or other damage could affect your vehicle’s performance during transportation.

It’s required by law that every car hauler perform a thorough car inspection at pick-up and delivery.

This makes it easy for the driver to identify any existing damage before he begins loading your vehicle onto his truck.

With the help of technology, formerly clunky processes such as inspections have been transformed into smooth, automated workflows that save dealers time and money.

QC inspections happen throughout the production cycle, before, during, and after products are made. In-process inspections are often performed on the first product that gets out of the factory line. It takes an expert technician to detect errors on unfinished products reliably, but if any defect is discovered, the factory can take action immediately.


Your vehicle is picked up and delivered to your desired destination during this phase. Your auto transport company will provide you with all of the information regarding delivery times, costs, and more.

Generally speaking, the delivery phase of the auto transport process will take anywhere between a day and a week to complete. However, this may vary depending on your chosen carrier and the distance between the pick-up and delivery destinations.

The two most common distribution techniques are door-to-door and terminal delivery. While the former is usually more convenient, it can also be more costly.

Working closely with your auto transport broker is important to determine which distribution technique is right for you. Regardless of which method you select, be sure to read your contract and understand the quirks involved in the industry.

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What to Expect During the Auto Transport Process

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