5 Reasons Why Sauna Sessions Are Essential for Athletes

It’s well known that saunas offer several health benefits, from reducing aches and pains to flushing out toxins. But many people don’t realize that regular sauna sessions are also essential for athletes. Heat exposure triggers many body changes as exercise, including increased heart rate, sweat production, and blood flow to the skin. This is called […]

Facts About Enduro MTB Training

Enduro MTB training involves steady-state aerobic exercise, high-intensity muscle load, and interval training. It is essential to incorporate a rest day to avoid injury. It is not uncommon to hear athletes complain about cramps after an event. Enduro MTB training involves steady-state aerobic exercise Enduro MTB training involves steady-state exercise. In contrast to high-intensity training, […]

How To Get Started With Air Track Mat And Why Do You Need It?

Inflatable air track tumbling mats are gaining popularity for good reason! They offer a simple way to get involved in gymnastics, cheerleading, and other sports that require tumbling skills. But how do you get started with them? Keep reading for tips on how to get started with your inflatable air track tumbling mat and why […]

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